First Class: Is It Truly Worth It?

I was recently reminiscing about my trip to Spain & Portugal last month and was dreaming about being in first class for the first time. I was excited/nervous to be riding in the front of the plane where people who have loads of money ride (weird thing to be nervous about, I know). I wanted to share with you my first time in first class and also talk about if it’s really worth all that money.

You hear all the fancy things about first class, the drinks, the service, the food, and the beds. I never knew that I would be able to experience because honestly, first class is just too pricey for a recent college grad who has a travel budget. For our flight to Spain, first class was over $3k. Definitely don’t have enough in my bank account for that. Luckily though for my graduation trip, my boyfriend made it possible for us to both to ride first class (pilotlife ya know). We were the first ones on the plane since we are Delta Sky Priority and instead of making that right at the door of the plan, we made the left to first class (my boyfriend had to pull me to the left because he saw me making the right haha, economy probs). 


From the moment we sat down, a flight attendant was giving us our first drink, mimosas (orange juice and champagne). They handed our menu for the evening which was completely different from economy. We got appetizers, main course, desserts and unlimited amount of drinks. I was extremely excited that I was checking out my space. I had SO MUCH ROOM to stretch out my legs and just be so comfortable. I also played around with the lieflat beds (WOW). You can lower your seat lift up a leg raise and what not. I was in heaven. They even had a Tumi kit with toiletries such as face mask, Kiehls lotion and chapstick, and just the necessities that one might need for a long flight. 

Before they serve you the first course, they around with a warm towel to wash your hands. After that they come around with a warm thing of mixed nuts. Best. Nuts. Ever. After the nuts, I knew I was in for a great dinner. The appetizers consisted of some shrimp salad with some fresh salad. Everything tasted so fresh. I was in awe. You have about 3-4 choices for a main course and I went with the filet mignon with veggies and corn chowder as a side. ahh I didn’t expect it to be so good because in reality, we know airplane food SUCKS. Meanwhile throughout every course, they came around refilling our drinks (red wine for me & of course beer for my beau). Dessert was just spectacular. There were 3 options to chose from. I just couldn't believe the service we were getting. After dinner, I reclined my seat and put on the noise cancelling headphones they give you. Before I knew it, I was dozing off so I made my seat go all the way into "lie flat" mode. I slept like a baby. Honestly, it was such an amazing rest. I woke up feeling refreshed! 

So is first class really worth spending all that money? In reality, yes. That 7 hour flight from JFK to Spain would of been brutal if I sat in economy (I’ve done 11 hour flights in economy but first class has changed the game). Domestically, I don’t think it’s necessary doing first class, I mean I wouldn’t mind riding first class to San Fran but who has 1k to blow? Internationally, I think flying first class is the best. You get to really relax and sleep on the flight so that when you land, that time change doesn’t really kill you. Will I fly first class again?! HECK YES. Hands down such a great experience and one day when I'm making a ton of money (HA!), I would fly first class any chance I get. 

Have you ever flown first class? Let me know about your experience down below! Happy Monday Yall.