A Weekend Full of Beer and Donuts

Monday’s are always sucky especially when you spend the weekend away. Two weekends ago, i had the pleasure of spending it in Massachusetts and Rhode Island with my boyfriend and awesome friends. It was a short 3 hour roadtrip from home but so much fun!

We did Treehouse Brewery in Charlton, Massachusetts. FIrst off put this out there. This beer was the most amazing beer i have ever had. This place has been named the #1 craft beer and now i understand why (shoutout to Dave for finding this amazing brewery). What’s amazing about it is that it isn’t sold in stores. You can’t buy this beer anywhere! It’s only sold here at their brewery. IT IS WORTH THE DRIVE. Plus the beer is so affordable an come in the most eye catching cans! The ambience of the brewery is just so cool. They have music playing, cornhole games, firepites, and just a bunch of seating area to just relax and hang out with friends. 

We then drove to our next location which was Providence, Rhode Island. Why Providence? DONUTS. PVDonuts is located in Providence and it is the best donuts I have had (once again thanks Dave for finding this incredible donut shop). These donuts have been seen on Refinery29, Thrillist, and Cosmopolitan! It's so cool because they have different types of donuts such as vegan, flourless, monkey bread, fritters, cake donuts, brioche style, old fashioned, filled and cruller donuts. I was blown away at the type of different donuts their were. You have to order these in advance since they only make a few to sell in stores which usually sell out within the first few hours. Some of the incredible donuts here were Tres Leches, Samoa, Pumpkin Cannoli, Nutella Churro, Apple crumb, and so many more! What's even better is that they change up their menu every month!


So yes, we did drive up to New England for a day and a half for beer and donuts but hey, IT WAS WORTH IT. That's what adventures are all about. Take a group of friends, drive to a new city, try new food, and make some good memories. As for my next adventure, I just came back from a small roadtrip this past weekend for our yearly trip (boyfriends birthday). Every year we take a weekend and spend it camping or somewhere up north in some of favorite cities such as Burlington, Portland, Boston, Laconia, and so many more. This year we went a complete opposite direction and got to explore some new places! Follow me on Instagram to keep up with my adventures. Have a great week y'all !