I've Got The Travel Bug & I Got It Bad

76da91c0a5ef40b1c0232130fae24fd8.jpgHappy Friday everyone! I hope everyone had a great week and is excited about Friday just as I am. Today is my first full day of work after a well needed and great week off! I probably had one of the best weeks off ever because I was home for only one day and on the road and exploring the other days. I was able to spend the weekend in DC with my amazing friend Bethany. I was also able to drive up to Vermont to surprise my boyfriend while he was on a trip for two days. Pretty exciting past few days and  


DC was amazing as always. We had a different trip planned for the weekend but since the weather was crappy, we decided to go to DC and be able to see the original Cherry Blossom Festival (such cool history behind it). It was my best friends first time there so we did everything we possibly could do and see. We left super early Friday morning and made the 3 hour ride easily with music and just girl talk. In total we walked about over 15 miles the whole weekend ! We saw all the monuments, did all the major museums, and took over a hundred selfies haha. We even got to go out dancing Friday to this awesome place called Cubra Libre (so much better than the one in AC).  It was a well needed girls weekend and also our first time traveling together. I'm excited because we both have a vacation planned together (107 days and counting!).

IMG_9654 (1).jpg



Now Vermont was a total surprise. I haven't seen my boyfriend much, so when we were having dinner on Monday night he told me he had a two day trip to Vermont (I have been dying to visit). So i decided to wake up super early Tuesday morning (4am) and drive up to Vermont. Best choice ever. It was a long drive (5 hours) but it was so worth it. The scenery of the mountains and the lakes were amazing. I loved every second of that drive. I recommend it to anyone looking for a scenic and gorgeous drive.  We spent the day in the woods shooting some pretty cool guns and riding some ATV's ! It was such a great day which led to us exploring some beautiful towns such as Ludlow, Weston, and  Burlington. Vermont was so beautiful and has to be one of my favorite states !