We Came. We Saw. We loved

273d90cc31d5939ab2fca3a074354237 Happy Monday everyone!! I have been so busy finishing school this semester that i never got yo blog about my weekend trip two weeks ago!  It's another week filled with tons of school work, catching with friends and family,  and of course work. Luckily were just a few weeks away from Memorial day weekend where i'll be on the beach with my close friends soaking up some much needed sun. We are so close to summer, warm weather and beach days.


What an incredible weekend i had in Charleston two weeks ago! My surprise trip was to Charleston, South Carolina. It was planned 5 days before i left haha.I was lucky enough to have enough miles with United where i was able to buy my round trip tickets for under $100 (recommend if you love traveling, get a credit card that gives you rewards like this!). My boyfriend and I stayed with a great couple in their home and didn't have to pay for a hotel. Talk about a great weekend away with awesome company.


Charleston is incredible. I really recommend everyone visiting this beautiful place at least once in your life. Of course before i went i did tons of research of the area i will be at. Online pictures don't do justice.Luckily, the couple we went with have lived there for years and were able to give us  tour. Charleston was absolutely beautiful! We got the whole tour of the beautiful city. There is so much history behind this city.


Saturday was an early morning where we spent most of our day touring the city and walking the beautiful streets of the downtown area. We got to walk the water front and was able to hear the history of many of the buildings around us. Did you know that there were plaques on houses for the fire department? If you didn't have a plaque, the fire department wouldn't help your house if it was on fire. Crazy right!? We walked in this super long market where you could buy anything from food to hats to soap! Not only was this a great trip to learn about the history of Charleston but i also go to cross off a major thing off my bucket list... SKYDIVING! What an amazing experience. Okay so yes its really scary at first because all these crazy thoughts are running through your head like what if the parachute doesn't open? Haha well what i didn't know was that they carry a backup parachute just in case.. What a relief haha. 13077038_10154781335842995_8874293114509115012_n

Well I got geared up and sat in the plane and tried to take in all the instructions. I was so scared i was going to forgot to do something and get myself killed lol. But the skydiving place i jumped at was super cool (I also felt a lot more comfortable because i was able to hang out with the whole skydiving crew the night before at dinner). So if your looking for an awesome and safe place to skydive, i really recommend South Carolina Skydiving in Andrews, South Carolina.Skydiving Website. It was the best experience i have ever had. Everyone asks what it feels like. Well your definitely scared but just when you fall off the plane, it's this incredible feeling of just free falling and enjoying the beautiful view of the area around you. I will do it again.


As for the other two weeks, i've been cramming tons of study time and finishing final assignments. I spent last weekend in AC checking out the new clubs and just enjoying a great night out with friends. Plus we got to see Lil Jon for free lol which i must admit he is awesome! Doesn't get better than that.

I got to spend mothers day weekend painting and sipping wine with my mom, grandma, and sister. We also spent mothers day in the city walking around and showing my little sister the wonders of the city  ( she has this thing for NYC recently and has been wanting to go.. mind you she's only 7 years old haha). We walked and ate and took tons of pictures. It was a well needed family day.The next two weeks will consist of finals and just getting ready for memorial day weekend. I'm so excited for our beach front hotel and being steps away from the beach. Does anyone have any cool plans for MDW?

Hope you all have a blessed week and enjoyed reading about Charleston! Once the semester is over im planning on blogging once a week like before.... Maybe reviews on books, movies, and upcoming trips ;) Love yall !