5 States, New Cities, Amazing Adventure!

IMG_7310.jpgHey everyone! Hope everyone had a great week last week. You have no idea how excited i am to write this post because i have so much to tell you guys! This past week i was off and i was able to do a road trip with my best friend. In my previous post, i never mentioned where i was going because i like to keep it private/surprise till i get there. So now i can officially tell you where i went. Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois! Its my first time ever in those states and i was so excited to hit some major cities like Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, and Milwaukee (also tons of smaller towns). We did wineries, breweries, museums, lighthouses, and so much more. I will explain everything about every state and the amazing time i had. 12728771_10154561773572995_7471016240294479937_n.jpg

NJ to Ohio (first night)- We stopped on our first night (Tuesday) and stayed in Youngstown. Just right outside of PA. It was a long 6 hour drive but it was totally fun. A bunch of throwback music, my co pilot asleep within the first 15 minutes (she was a bit sick lol). We slept less than 6 hours since we had to wake up extremely early for CHICAGO!


Ohio to Illinois (second night)- We had an early morning and headed to Chicago. We hit rain, snow, and hail but luckily we made it safe to the beautiful city. We made our way to the Willis Tower (previously known as the Sears Tower). AMAZING VIEW! I really recommend it if your in the area. We were over 1300 feet up. It was scary stepping into the glass box/walkway but it was totally worth it (kind of a rush of adrenaline).


We made our way pretty much all over driving around and looking and stopping at the beautiful Millenium Park where the infamous bean is at (Peep my first picture up top) Beautiful park. Our hotel was amazing and right in the downtown loop area (Residence Inn aka Marriott ). Dinner at Lou Malnatis was DELICIOUS ! The deep dish pizza was incredible. WARNING! I loved Chicago but parking is horrible and expensive ! probably paid like $80 just in parking  so keep that in mind when you visit!



Illinois to Wisconsin (third night)- Not so early yet early morning getting ready and packing the car up once again. We drove up north to our 4th state, Wisconsin. A lot of farm land FYI. First stop was the Jelly Belly Tour (who doesn't love jelly beans?!). We got free hats, train ride, and jelly beans plus everything was so much cheaper then what the stores sell the jelly beans at. The rest of the day consisted of:


  • Miller Lite Brewery tour ( so much history and free!)
  • Lake Michigan (ice pushing.... SO COOL)
  • North Point Lighthouse (gorgeous and its also a park)
  • Harley Davidson Museum ( must go to if you love yourself a Harley)
  • Having the famous Wisconsin Cheese curds ( SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS)



Wisconsin to Michigan (fourth night)- On the way back we stopped at the amazing Indiana National Sand Dunes and two other lighthouses. Super cool and i fell in love with Lake Shore Drive and the houses along the water. We also  stopped at this amazing winery with the best wine i have ever tasted ( im a wine person). Michigan, I love you. What a beautiful state (well the western part of it). I am completely in love with the small town called St. Josephs. It's that perfect town and so beautiful ( i may or may not be wearing a tshirt from that town). I wish i could've made my way up to northern Michigan because i heard its so beautiful but i guess that will have to wait !


Michigan To Ohio To Home (NJ)- Our last night in Michigan was in Detroit/ Novi area. I willl admit that Detroit is a bit scary. Thankfully our hotel was in this beautiful town called Novi just half hour away from Downtown Detroit. We spent our last night ordering in and watching movies ( we were pretty exhausted). The winds in Detroit that night were crazy 50 mph winds lol. Thought we were gonna die haha.The Morning was an easy drive through the city and seeing Canada from the American side. I'm not gonna lie, i really didn't like Detroit at all. I had planned on seeing a few things while i was there but i was warned by many people that i should drive through and go home. I will have to give it another try when im with more people.


We made our way to Ohio and drove along the coast of Lake Eerie which was absolutely beautiful. We stopped at this lighthouse called Marblehead Lighthouse. It was probably the most beautiful lighthouse i have ever seen and also the lake was amazing! It's that perfect small summer town. We took a ton of pictures and enjoyed that beautiful view of the lake and just taking in the last few moments of being by the great lakes.


Last but not least was our final stop in Cleveland, Ohio to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. EVERYONE MUST GO TO THIS MUSEUM IF YOU LOVE MUSIC! It is an incredible museum. They have artifacts of every possible singer and band. We listened to music from early times to now. We literally left the museum and wanted to rock out in the car. It is a huge museum of i think 7 floors so i recommend going with time and seeing everything ! It's so worth it.

Our final drive home was a six hour ride and boy did it feel like forever. But we safely made it home and extremely sad to be back to reality. I missed my family and boyfriend but coming back from vacation is always the worst. But it won't be long until i'm away again. In fact i have already planned next months weekend getaway and i'm so excited because i have been dying to visit this place ! So stay tuned and find out which new place i'm going to! thanks for reading and being patient! I didn't get to post that many pictures but if you find me on Facebook and Instagram , you'll see over hundreds of them. I'll be posting more  post now that i have a bit of free time. Have a great week !