Roadtrip Do's & Don'ts

34ce8e86ecb69ca417379ab9c90ad64dHappy Monday everyone! Seems like mondays are the days where i can usually blog, but i hope everyone had a great weekend. I was blessed to have spent my birthday weekend with family and friends. Now another week of work has approached and I'm so happy to say its my last week until the end of February. Best job ever for giving me a lot of time off which is always paid ! So we are about 8 days away from my road trip and I'm extremely excited. I'm finalizing everything this week, so make sure you check out my travel Instagram for a picture of my itinerary (@mylifedayandnight). The excitement begins and I'm so glad to be going away once again with my two bestfriends. When we usually go on trips, I'm pretty much the main driver. Gracia is the DJ/GPS and Marilyn is the sleeper/snack distributor/and sleeper once again (while we snap chat hilarious videos of her sleeping).

SO as i was watching the super bowl last night, I asked my best friend what were some roadtrip do's and don'ts that she would recommend. So we came up with a short list of some of things we have learned from roadtripppin together and on our own:



  • ITINERARY! Its so important to plan ahead before you go anywhere. Times are very important so you know your options throughout the day. People waste so much time getting to their location and trying to find things to do. With an Itinerary, you can just pick and choose from your various options.
  • Have a playlist ready. Music is so important when it comes to driving miles and miles. Come up with a playlist of you favorite songs (throwbacks are always the best)
  • When I go on a roadtrip, lemon drops are my go to candy. Chips, candy, and prepackaged food is always good so your not wasting time stopping and buying food
  • Charging ports is a complete must. Who wants to go on a long trip with no phones or ipods?
  • Making sure your car is in great shape to travel. From tire pressure, oil change, and every other little thing you need to check, CHECK!
  • Have a budget. Before I go away, I usually check prices for any activities were gonna be doing (always check for free events and days). It’s always good to know about how money you'll be spending.
  • Headphones for the passengers. Not everyone will like listening to Modest Mouse, Sum 41, and Twenty One Pilots.



  • Wait last minute to put gas in when its already on E. You'll be having mini heartattacks when the next stop is like 15 miles away.
  • Drive if you exhausted. My biggest fear of roadtrippin is falling asleep on the wheel. If your tired, please stop and rest.
  • Overpack. Yes, i know we need outfits for every possible event, but don't forget about pulling you bag in and our of the car every time you check into a new hotel. Plus it adds extra weight to the car.
  • Wait till last minute to plan everything. Hotels are cheaper when you book ahead.
  • Be so strict when it comes to the itinerary. The way i plan my itinerary out is i list every option possible (with times and prices). You can pick and choose. Don't be that annoying person who's demanding people because of time. Enjoy your vacation
  • If a place looks sketch, its best if you don't go there. If its a total must, just go in groups.
  • Be cheap. One thing i hate is when people are cheap. Always bring extra money cause you never know.
  • Distract the driver. You want to make it to your destination right?
  • And don't go on vacation with people you cant be in a car with for more then 20 minutes.


There is so much more to list but I'll just keep it simple! Road trips are so much fun and  recommend you take one at least with you friends. The memories, laughter, and bonds you create with them will be amazing. You can learn about new places and also learn new things about the people who you are traveling with. I'm so excited to be away next week and be exploring 5 new states and new cities with my best friends. I'll make sure I post right before I leave and to post everything once i come back. Thanks to those who have joining me along this crazy adventure I call life. I hope you enjoy this post and use it towards your future trips. Have a blessed week !