Birthday || 5 States, 1 Month|| Hello February

5ac28215771a19093dfcf7180c2d6537Happy Monday Everyone and happy first day of the best month of the year (at least for me haha) ! This is an exciting week cause I turn 22 on Friday ( I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22.. just had to put it out there haha) I swear time flew by so fast. It felt like yesterday i was counting down the days so i could turn 21. As for birthday plans, family dinners, dancing the night away on Friday with all my closest friends and Saturday were hitting the slopes in the Poconos (skiing or snow tubing whatever i love them both).

This month is super exciting, not only for my birthday but also because i get a week paid vacation. Very much needed. I was planning on going back down to Florida and soaking up as much sun as i could but i decided not to. I woke up last Thursday (the day before i was supposed to purchase my flight to FL) and wasn't feeling it at all. I had this sudden urge to pack my car up and drive away to a new city ( i get this feeling everyday lol). So i had originally planned this past summer a road trip during my break in February, but my friends weren't really feeling it but HEY i was determined to go even if i had to go alone. This road trip has in been in the back of my mind for about six months now.


So i decided to pull the plug on my Florida getaway and take a road trip. Not only one but to 5 new states (and so many new cities)!! Within the first 3 hours my hotels were already booked, my friends were able to take of from work (well were still waiting on one, so keep your fingers crossed), and i was already planning everything. I'm working on our itinerary and I'm so excited, ill be leaving in exactly 15 days( I won't say where I'm going yet, so you gotta stay tuned!). I will also be up to 35 states with only 15 left to see !!!

This road trip will be so different unlike the other ones i have been on (except my California trip and Maine). I have done the Florida road trip over 20 times that the high ways always look familiar. These are new roads, highways and cities. I'm so excited for the new things i will see and explore.

Make sure you keep on the lookout for my next few posts of Road Trips do's and don'ts and to also find out where I'm going.