Say Yes to New Adventures || Life

c97619cd7941a6c224e1ceb8badc95d3 Hey everyone! Happy New Years ! I’m so sorry I’ve been so MIA lately. Its been exactly about a month and a week since I last posted and I’m glad I’ve had friends who been asking me to please blog. So I’m back! I am currently snowed in at home and i finally have sometime to blog! Let me fill you in on what’s been going on in my life:

  • Vacation
  • School Started
  • Back to work after two weeks off
  • Planning
  • Stress, stress, and more stress.
  • Catching up on reading
  • Trying to figure out birthday plans !


Vacation was amazing. Amazing doesn’t even begin to explain it though. I flew down to Tampa, Florida (dad lives there) with my boyfriend. First off, our flight was delayed because of the crappy weather, which truly sucked because I hate waiting and I get antsy. Our 8:30 pm flight turned into a 12am flight and didn’t arrive till 3am. We slept about thirty minutes before we backed the cars and drove down to key west (longest 7 hour drive of my life)! We arrived to our campsite around 1pm and set campground. For those who don’t know me too well, I love camping (I’ve camped in Disney World, Virginia Beach, Poconoes, and Niagara Falls), being outdoors, and just being with nature (especially in Key West, so beautiful). Key West is beautiful, it wasn’t my first time there but it may as been since I saw more this time than I did a few years ago. I went to:

  • different beaches
  • the most southern point of the USA (90 miles from Cuba)
  • sunset snorkeling in the Gulf of Mexico
  • the Original Key Lime Pie ( for those who don’t know, its my absolute favorite)
  • shopped
  • and got an awesome tan


I stayed in key west for four days, than parted ways with my family and headed to Miami Beach. It felt so great to be back, even though it wasn’t the same since my best friends weren’t there ( we went in February for my 21st). I stayed right on ocean drive and spent the day on the beach with my boyfriend and my best friend who I was lucky to see (she lives in the Miami area). Of course we did our Wet Willies trip so sip on some delicious daiquiris. We went out at night to probably my favorite place in Miami called Clevelander (EVERYONE MUST EXPERIENCE IT) I will say no more haha. The next few days I made my way up north to Cape Canaveral to NASA Kennedy Space Center, where I was able to take my boyfriend for the first time. We hit the Orlando Outlets (favorite outlets ever), visited family, made our way back to the west to Tampa, and Spent our last day at the best beach ever Clear Water Beach with my childhood best friend. It was an amazing week well spent.


I’m finally back in school. For those who don’t know, I’ve been so eh about school and my major. I was on the brink of dropping out and just doing whatever, but I know that’s not an option if I want a bright future. So I had a friend who helped me and I finally settled on a school and I completely did a 180 with my past major (early childhood education) and I’m finally studying what I truly want to study…… FASHIOONNNN ! I don’t think I have ever been so excited for school and my classes. I guess since I’m actually doing what I want to do, I’m motivated to finish so I can begin working on my career. I’m really proud of myself. I registered on my own and didn’t listen to any negative things people had to say about my career. I feel like this is exactly what God wants me to do.



It’s so funny because Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots just came on my apple radio (btw big thanks to Aileen for showing me this band weeks ago). I can’t even begin to explain it. I feel like when everything starts going good in life, BAM everything takes a turn for the worse. I don’t handle stress well at all and I never have. There has been so much going on with family and myself in the last month that its unbelievable. I feel like there is so much weight on my shoulders between balancing friends, life, and school that’s its so overwhelming and no body seems to understand ( which is why I decided to write because it helps!). I'm so thankful for my boyfriend who has been there for me the past few weeks and has put up with my obnoxious crying and anxiety and never once complained about it.


January Adventure

Last weekend i went away for the weekend to get away from life and to start my new year with a great adventure. I got to spend the weekend in the beautiful city of Boston. It's so funny because i ate like a pig in Boston, so much clam chowdah, cannolis, and beer! I got to enjoy the Samuel Adams brewery tour again, visit Harvard (finally got it crossed of my bucket list!), eat at Faneuil Hall, view Boston 50 floors up, and visit the infamous Gillette Stadium! It was a great weekend to get away and take a breather from life in Jersey.

Whats In Store For 2016

I have so much i want to do! I have big plans for 2016 and i cant wait for you guys to see what they are. Starting with vacation! My monthly adventures will continue and wait till you see what i have planned for every month. I hope you tag along and join my journey of Traveling One Weekend At A Time (check out my Instagram hashtag). I also created a Instagram account so i could post plenty of pictures of past and recent adventures I've been on so make sure to follow my page @mylifedayandnight and hit the like button ! I'm so glad to be back and i will make sure to keep on posting :)