AC Squared, Weddings, & Pre- Thanksgiving Celebration 

Nothing is better realizing that this week is only three days of working and a four day weekend. Complete relaxation after the crazy weekends I just had. I'm so glad Thanksgiving is here ! I love eating dinner with family and just hanging around all night.

Let's talk about AC lol. I love it. My friends and I love the drive down and just getting all pampered for a great night ahead. For those who are wondering how the heck we can afford to go many times because I'm not gonna lie AC is crazy expensive from the hotels to the food to the drinks. Sometimes I wonder how the heck people pay so much for it but than I remember I'm a college student with car payments and rent lol.

So my little secret to saving when going to such expensive places is discounts and connections. My dad works in a Marriott in Florida and the amazing benefits he gets are great. I get to use his discount on hotels everywhere. So what I would of paid at a hotel like Caesars, Golden Nugget or Tropicana (which are always $100 and higher) I really only pay $ split that between friends who are staying with you and you end up paying less than $10 ;) We all split the cost of gas, tolls, and we buy stuff to make our own drinks at the hotel so we don't spend $18 on a drink lol. Now getting into these places aren't free either. Thank god for connections ! Since we've been going to AC since the beginning of the year, we haven't paid for any club! Thanks Carlos lol (he works in AC)! For a night that cost people over $100, we all together spend under that.

My friends and I decided to go to AC twice this month and they both were crazy fun! Driving down is my favorite part because I love just driving and blasting music. We usually talk about our week, funny memories, and what our plan for the night is. We literally just joke all the time. We get to the hotel and our pampering starts. Thanks to Marilyn for her makeup skills and pretty much doing all our makeup when we go out. Ya know the basics comtouring, eyeshadow and everything else, she's the best.

The first time we went this month we stayed at the Trump Taj Mahal(last minute booking) and we did Haven at the Golden Nugget. We usually start there and play some slots there. We than made our way to Cubra Libre at the Tropicana where we pretty much end our night. And here's how we end our night: "Uhh I'm craving room service... OMG me too!... Yeah same I'm starving marvin..... Do you guys like wanna go.... YES I never thought you'd ask... The bed is waiting for me." Haha and that's how we ended up at 3:30 am ordering room service which took forever and ate a cheesesteak at 4am... Talk about major heartburn.

  This past weekend in AC was once again a crazy night. We planned this earlier in the month and we all ready to leave by 5pm right after work. Marilyn, Gracia, Gloria, & I all drove down and luckily no traffic. We got there pretty earlly and got to relax before the rest of the group got there. Once the rest got there, our night started. We started at The Pool After Dark at Harrahs (it was my first time there). The music was alright but the place was so nice and big. I got to dip my feet in the pool while I danced and I got to meet a girl who was wearing the same dress as me ! After of hanging out for a while there, we headed to Cubra Libre once again at the Tropicana. We stayed there for the rest of the night and I got to meet up with one of my friend Allison who was celebrating her 21st birthday! We headed back to our hotel around 2:30 and order the best pizza ever which we devoured haha. Another great night with major heartburn in the morning.

After AC  we had lunch at our favorite spot which Gracia and Gloria showed us a couple months back. BEST TACOS EVER. Like no joke homemade tortillas and everything so good (pretty much the only reason we go to AC lmao). But we headed home afterwards to get ready for another night out in NYC for our friends birthday. With only four hours of sleep we still went out for another night. Plans didn't go as planned because we got to the city 4 hours later than we intended too but it turned out to be a great night! We started out at Daltons sport bar on 9th & 43rd. Made our way to Times Square ( my bestfriends family is visit get and has never been there before so we stopped to take pictures, hence the first picture of the blog). We then made our way to an Irish pub where we stayed the rest of the night dancing and having fun. I made it home at 5am and slept 3 hours lol.

Sunday was an exhausting and exciting day! I got to attend a beautiful wedding of a beautiful couple from my church. The ceremony was beautiful and simple. The Bride looked gorgeous ! I loved everything about it. The reception was the best ever. The place was so beautiful ! The food was delicious. Best wedding food I ever had. From the cocktail hour to the dinner to dessert it was delicious!! I literally rolled myself home from all the food I ate. The wedding and everything's about it was so beautiful and definetly what I would want my wedding to be like when my special day comes ! Congratulation to you both ❤️ 

Stay tuned this week for a special Thanksgiving Day post i have planned ! Hope everyone has a blessed week :)

Xoxo MB