Hiking || One Week, Two Mountains || Halloweekend || & Just Life

 You know when you write but then your like ugh what to write about or you just get lazy and push it for another day? That's been me the past three weeks! Sorry everyone. Three weeks is a lot especially since it's been a very busy and fun three weeks. My December vacation has officially been booked along with all the activities such as snorkeling, dolphin watching, and scuba diving ! We're so excited  because we're also buying a go pro to attach to ourselves when we get into the water and all that crazy stuff.... 49 days left ! So here I am finally sitting and writing this post. The last three weeks have been pretty exciting for me. I got to do some pretty cool things and also learn about things I want to do in the future. So I'm excited about whats in store for the next few months. Here's a little recap of life within the last three weeks. 

Week 1: I got to go hiking with my bestfriends. We went to Bear Mountain in New York. Somehow I convinced them to come and they climbed up all the to the top with me. We woke up super early bought sandwiches and snack and drove up to NY. The drive was gorgeous! All the trees were bright yellow and orange. The hike was tough. The beginning was so steep. But the sights were incredible.

We would reach a sigh seeing point and think holy moly the sights are insane. But the higher we climbed the more beautiful it got and the more we laughed. HAHA we had jokes for everything like always. Making silly videos or just laughing because a water bottle would roll away (you have to be there to understand how funny everything was).We stopped on a rock almost at the top and had our lunch and a bit if the break. We then continued our way to the top.

 We finally made it to the top and it was completely worth it. The amazing part is that we could see New York City from the top of the mountain. It was absolutely breathtaking! I'm glad my girls were as happy as I was when we got to the top. The climb was extremely tough and there were times were one of us wanted to give up but we kept pushing each other. Yes we did fall and slip which did leave some bruises and cuts but it was all worth it.

Week 2: After a crazy work week, I decided I needed to go hiking again and I was lucky enough to have off Friday. I have a list of a few trails and mountains I want to hike so I decided to climb a mountain on my list. Ramapo State Mountain Forest. Okay it was scary especially since I kept seeing signs of active bears in the area & I was alone (which I didn't mind because it really gave me time to reflect on life and just have some peace and quite).

The hike was tough. The trail was steep and so many leaves on the ground and sometimes I couldn't figure out exactly which direction the trail went. But I was lucky enough not to get lost. It was a perfect day. Have you ever heard of Ramapo State Mountain Forest? Well there's ruins of an old Van Sykes castle. It was beautiful but a bit creepy since I was alone.

I have to say it was really cool. I mean how many times can u say you been to an old castle in your own state. At the top you could see all the trees change color and it was breathe taking. Not only have I fallen in love with fall but also in love with nature.

    Not only was the castle there, there was also a view from the top where you can see New York City. It was unbelievable. I felt like I was on top of the world. I stopped there for a little break to just enjoy and take in the view. There is also an old stone tower up there which is also beautiful.

It's so beautiful seeing the work of God. And brings me to think how can people not believe in him with such views and beautiful heights? Can people really not see the beauty of his work? How can all this be a coincidence of an explosion or Big Bang or whatever people believe? I dont think I'll ever be able to understand it. The way the leaves & weather changes, the heights and depths of mountains, the beautiful sky, and just how perfect everything looks from up here just shows how amazing God is.

After this beautiful hike, I rewarded myself with a little shopping spree to buy myself an outfit for that nights festivities. Can you guess where?? Obviously Morristown lol.  Just another great night of dancing, singing, and hanging out with friends. This is prob one of the best nights haha especially because of the amazing grilled cheeses we have after our night. What's better than grilled cheese at 2am?

 Saturday consisted of cleaning, sleeping, more sleeping, and babysitting at night. Sunday was great. My bestfriends and I headed to city bright and early and ate breakfast at my favorite spot called Le Pain Quotidien. Delicious. I love having there bread basket and there amazing coffee and hot chocolate. We than were on a hunt for Halloween costumes. We spent lots of time in Ricky's in midtown and one on first ave. we all finally had our costumes pickes out. A day of shopping and hunting and we deserved a good lunch. We than headed to another of my favorite spots called Crif Dogs. BEST HOT DOGS EVER. Seriously you need to go its on St Marks Place. And for our finally stop, Desert at Momofuku Milk Bar in the east village. My girls loved there first time there ( a special thanks to Aileen for showing me this place a couple months ago) That was a great ending to a great weekend.

Week 3: Broke week, Halloween, and stress. Last week was an extremely long week. Full moon = crazy and cranky kids + cranky babysitter. Only thing keeping me sane was the amount of reading I was doing with some really great books! I waited like two months to get my hands on Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll and it was totally worth it! I was also excited to read Nicholas Sparks new book See me! He's one of my favorite author and amazing movies! Those Secrets We Keep is also amazing. I really recommend all these books!  

Halloweekend! It was fun lol. Let me tell you. Just preparing all morning for it was fun. Ever heard of a pub crawl? You go from pub to pub and they have drink specials and its fun! They had one in New York but we decided to stay local since we did a pub crawl for St. Pattys in NYC. So my boyfriend is a pilot and he isn't the type of guy to dress up or go out and to get him to dress for Halloween is impossible cause he doesn't want to waste money on a costume. So he dressed up as his usual pilot self and I was his flight attendant.

My friends and I had a great time also. We got to hop from different bars, from talking to strangers, eating $3 burritos thanks to chipotle, seeing like 20 dancing lobsters (shoutout to the seton hall guys for that idea) to seeing like a million where's Waldo . It was a great night and a great ending to the amazing month of October. Keep up with me for the great Nobember I have planned!

Love yall

Xoxo MB