Maine : Vacationland

Hey everyone! I tried to write last week but I worked some crazy hours. But I'm finally settled and back from my amazing weekend. MAINE! This is an especially special trip because I hit 28 states and all the states on the eastern seaboard ! So exciting ! Just 32 more states to go and believe me I'm going to all of them! Ugh just writing about it makes me sad that I'm home in Jersey.

This weekend I got the amazing chance of taking a roadtrip up to Portland, Maine. It was the last state on the eastern seaboard that I was missing. But anyways, this trip was planned because of my boyfriends birthday today! We're the type of couple who instead of wasting money on gifts, we much rather waste it on experiences. For example one Christmas I got him and I skiing lessons, or tickets to ranger games, or like this Christmas we're going away so were putting all the money we would spend on gifts towards this vacation so we can do cool things like snorkeling, kayaking, and etc.

So my weekend began right after work on Friday. We had our bags packed and everything set all we needed was to get on the road. We started driving around 7pm and drove and drove and drove (stopped at chipotle to eat dinner). Can we just talk about how I love driving but the anxiety of just getting there kills me. Mind you, I've driven down to Key west and back and even driven cross country to California (most amazing trip of my life!!) and the drives always get me so envious cause I just want to get there already. But I learned that the drive has to be one of my favorites parts of any trip. You get to jam out, see beautiful scenery and just talk with people in the car (in this case my boyfriend).

So the first night was spent in the beautiful Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. My boyfriend is a pilot and he bought me a souvenir from this place last week and told me he had to bring me there. It was beautiful let me tell you! The beach, the boardwalk, the view from the hotel and the drive along the coast. We woke up early, got breakfast at this really good place, walked the beach and did some souvenir shopping !    We drove along the coast seeing the beautiful mansions and amazing rocky coast. I've never seen anything so beautiful and peaceful. Hampton beach I'm coming back for you ! So after stoping at every beautiful spot to take pictures we drove into Portsmouth, Maine. We didn't get to stop in town but just driving through it was great. The town is so beautiful! It's definetly a place I would like to go back and explore. We than drove into Kittery and had lunch at this amazing place Dan has been to called Bobs Clam Hut. Seafood heaven! I love lobster so I was looking forward to eat a lobster roll. OMG so delicious. Between the New England clam chowder, lobster rolls, and the fried calamari I was completely full. Most amazing lobster roll I have ever had.

Has anyone heard of the brand L.L Bean? Well they have there flagship store in Freeport. They have everything at this store plus the huge boot outside the store. We walked around and we saw they were giving free shooting and archery classes. FREEEE. We were so excited because we were looking to go shooting for a while now but it's just so expensive ! We got to shoot a 20 gauge shotgun. So much fun and let me tell you, I hit the clay disc on my first shot! Haha Danny was pretty surprised that I did so great (I even did better than he did, sorry dan haha). But what an experience!

 We than drove down to the beautiful city of portland. It has become one of my favorite cities. Its so beautiful, clean, and its right by the water too. I got to shop in there gift stores and we were also able to try some Maine beer. Delicious (which by the way my boyfriend and I are beer people and we love going to breweries). It was just so beautiful being there and walking around with Dan.


After Portland, it was time to check into our hotel in Old Orchard Beach (just about a half hour drive south of Portland). We were exhausted. We have been up since early and spent all day exploring that we were completely wiped out but we got ready and headed to dinner in Kennebunkport. Kennebunkport is south of Old Orchard Beach. For those who don't know, this is where George Bush has one of his homes. So cool. But anyways, Dan of course has been here and decided he had to bring me here because he knew i would love the small town. We drove into the small town and i was  already in love. Its right by the water and its so beautiful and call. What i love about small towns is the adorable town, the stores/boutiques, and the restaurants that are non chain. We ate at this super cool place called Federal Jacks. It was beautiful! Right at the water and the food was amazing. Lobster mac and cheese of course. We drove around along the coast and got to more beautiful houses. It was a perfect day.

   The next morning was our last in Maine, which always sucks. I was craving pancakes haha like always. So I'm on the hunt online looking for the best pancakes in Maine or around the portland area and bam i found a place. Miss Portland diner. Can we just talk about how i never had such delicious pancakes until I ate here?! Ugh makes my mouth watery just thinking about it. He loved it which made me happy. It was time to go see something thats has been on my list to see since forever. A light house. I know i know I've been to many states but have not seen a light house yet. We headed to Portland Head Lighthouse. BEAUTIFUL. The day could not have been more amazing. The lighthouse was beautiful. The rocky coast was beautiful. Everything was beautiful. I was so excited to be there (super cheesy) i even took tons of pictures just for the blog.  After the lighthouse we headed to Lake Sebago, the second largest lake in Maine. We drove all around the lake and found a nice sandy area to walk on. Ugh beautiful once again. The was water was clear and warm and the view was gorgeous. I didn't want to leave. The houses on the lake were amazing (I want as lake house now)

We than headed to the last exploration of the day, Salem, Massachusetts. It was always a dream of mine to go there since i love The Salem Witch Trials and halloween. Plus does anyone know a famous halloween movie that was filmed there?! HOCUS POCUS! I was so excited I was gonna be able to go to the filming sites. Salem downtown is beautiful, like Dan said " Its not what he expected". Once again i was in love with the town.   Everything was beautiful and looked antique. The town was already getting ready for halloween. I got to take a picture with the Samantha statue from Bewitched (the 1960's tv show). I then did a little a little gift shopping of course for a friend who is dying to go there. We had a late lunch at this cool restaurant called Village Tavern where we devoured more New England clam chowder soup and burgers. Delicious.

 Now my favorite part was the Hocus Pocus house! Where Max and his family lived. Funny story. So i got to the house and there was a cat roaming around and when i went closer to take a picture, the cat laid on the street and didn't move for the picture.

CREEPY especially that the movie involves a cat who helps Max, Dani, and Allison out. But it was exciting seeing the house. Than i drove over to  Thackery Village (really named Forest River Park) which is like 3 blocks away from the house. Thats where the Sanderson Sisters lived. It was closed but i was able to get a little sneak of the village. The trips sadly ends here as it is time to head home and we had a 5 hour drive back.

This trip has to be one of my favorites road trips yet and definitely not my last one. It was a perfect weekend with the the love my life (his 23rd birthday weekend). He enjoyed every second of it which was my main purpose of this trip. Now the month of October is just two days away and I'm excited what i have planned for this month so stay tuned!

Love yall