Labor Day || Summer is Over || Summer Recap

It's officially the last few hours of Labor Day, and it's sad to say summer is basically over. How was everyone's Labor Day weekend? Did anyone do anything super cool?! My weekend consisted of:

  • Sleeping
  • Tons of shopping
  • Being with great friends
  • And just being lazy

I have been lacking so much sleep lately that finally I got to sleep in the past few days. As for shopping, EXPRESS HAD %40 of the entire store. Talk about going broke! I went to the mall 5 times this weekend and they were all to swords rent locations. This is the reason why I'm poor lol.

As for my bestfriends wedding, it was amazing! Two amazing people who truely love each other finally got married after almost 7 years together! The ceremony was beautiful and seeing the groom cry when his bride walked down the aisle, made me and everyone else in that church cry like a baby. The reception was the best. From venition hour to great filet mignon to open bar and a great DJ, everyone had a wonderful time. I got to spend time with my closest friends and boyfriend.  

Can you believe summer is over? No more beaches or pools or long sunny days! We're back to cool weather and the sun going down at 5pm :( it sucks I know but my favorite season is ahead! Let's talk about summer or let me give you a recap of my summer! My summer started with my best friend from high school, Natalia,Aka my favorite polish babe finally turning 21! It's about time since we've always talked about us going out everywhere once we were of age! We've been close ever since 6th grade and have been with each through so much! She's my fashionista, my smarty pants, my wannabe latina, and my favorite blonde. She's the kind of friend who's always there and you never want to lose. I always feel like I take her for granted sometimes but I hope she knows how much I love her crazy loud self❤️ we had an incredible summer! From AC for MDW to blackthorns Thursday to Hoboken to bonfires to NYC nights. Since we have tons of pictures together o had to make a collage of all my favorites.

 The next great summer adventure was a trip to Puerto Rico that was literally planned two weeks before we left. We spent 4 days in paradise! We stayed in in the Condado part of San Juan, a block away from the beach ;) we explored during the day and went out at night. It was such an amazing trip and I can't wait to vacation with her again! The food was amazing, the drinks were extremely cheap that we would always compare to the $7-$15 drinks at home, the beaches were beautiful and crystal blue, and the night life was even better!

 It was an amazing well needed vacation and the wonder start to July! July & August consisted of beach days, long work days, horse racing birthday parties, pool parties/bbqs, city nights dancing, NYC hotel stays, hikes, mad decent block party, Washington DC, and lots of memories! I can pretty much say this has been my favorite summer ever! Not only cause I'm 21 but because I feel like I finally found the friends that I can fully trust and enjoy life with! So thank you summer 2015 for all the memories and fun I had!

Xoxo MB