Another Friday, another crazy weekend! DC & Bestfriends 

Hey everyone! So I've been so busy all week with life and I completely forgot to blog this week.... It's okay I'm back! My week was crazy. I feel like so much has happened within a few days that my brain is in overtime. I'm like that. When one issue occurs in my life. My brain over thinks it like crazy. I go over every possibility and outcome that I literally go nuts. But thank god for friends and family that have kept me sane. So much things going on at once and with planning the next few months because of school, work and travels. It's nut I know.

So now it's Friday and I'm extra excited about today be im going away for the weekend! Yay! No one understands how much I truely love going away. And too tell you the truth I don't care where I go. It can be a place I've been to plenty of times, THERES ALWAYS SO MUCH MORE TOO SEE. Just saying :) but guess where I'm going this weekend? ( and no it's not New York haha).... Washington DC ! Its probably like my 3rd favorite city in the USA. I've been there over a hundred times and I love it. And the best part is that I'm going with my two amazing best friends. (That's me on the left, Marilyn in the middle, and Gracia on the right).


I really don't know how to explain our friendship. Let me just explain it from the beginning with Gracia.

Gracia is my partner in crime. I know everyone says that about there bestfriends but hear our stories and you'll understand. I met her October 2008 through my boyfriend. Shes dating my boyfriends bestfriend/cousin. As soon as we met, we hit it off. Instant bestfriend. We had so much in common and even our own beliefs. I didn't get to see her much because I was never in New Jersey much (my parents are divorced) but it was always a great time when we were together always double dating or having each other's back when girls would try and come between our relationships. We didn't get close close until 2012 when I went through major issues and she was there to help (mind you she always helped me but this was like the major deal). Than she helped me with a job where she works and our friendship got stronger. She is my backbone. She knows my moods, my face gestures, my family inside and out, every secret or dumb thing I have ever done. She's seen me cry, throw up, panick, angry, & ready to kill anyone in my way. She has helped me through more than anyone other friends has and she has not judged me for the mistakes I have made in the past. To me that's a real bestfriend.

Marilyn is the mom of the group. She is the sweetest most caring person I have ever met. I met marilyn about two years ago and it was just as aquintances. We'd see each other here and there but nothing more. It wasn't until August 2014 that we started talking more and more. Hanging out with us and just being there for us. I guess you can say she joined our "Group" as everyone says it but I hate putting it that way. From concerts to sleepovers our friendship grew.We planned a trip for my 21st birthday to Florida and she was all about it. I guess that's when our friendship truely got stronger. Than when we came back it was awesome. She's always willing to go on crazy adventures with me, spend tons on money on fancy dinners, and supports my shopaholic ways. Marilyn has been there for both of us like crazy. From wiping our tears to holding our hair back, to always being there no matter what time it was or what the issue was.

That was a such a sappy post about two of a few important people in my life! As for DC, I'll keep you all posted with pictures and everything! Love yall

Xoxo MB