Back to Reality

Happy Tuesday everyone. I can’t believe that Labor Day weekend is coming up! Finally home (not really though)! I’m down the shore for the week for work and as much as I love being away, I miss being home. Traveling is awesome but sometimes it’s nice being home for a while and sleep in your own bed. 

Acadia was amazing ( blog post coming up this week). It was a great week away from life, work, and all the craziness in between. I love nothing more than being outdoors and disconnected from the world. I had no phone service up there (only when I went into town & got on a hotspot) which was amazing because I had no access social media and my texting. I was able to post pictures here and there and let family know I was alive but aside from that, no phone. I was able to read a bunch and enjoy amazing time with my boyfriend and friends.

 I am finally home for a good while! No major trips booked, NOTHING. Surprisingly but I’m taking this fall season to hang with family and friend, take short weekend trips to nearby cities, enjoy my first fall without school work, and just enjoy my favorite season. Keep a look out for my Acadia post coming up this week! 

Xoxo MB