7 Books That Had Me OMG'ing!

Nothing makes me happier than being able to get back to reading. A month ago, i posted my last few reads and now I am back with more books that completely blew my mind, made me cry, and just had me OMG’ing from the beginning to end. I’m so excited because every month, I’ll be doing a book recap of my recent reads! I’ve been reading about two books a week even though I wish I could read more haha (I’m also trying to catch up on Ozark and every other netflix show I’m behind on lol). There is nothing better than being lost within the pages of a good book. Here are some of August & Septembers books:

The Wife Between Us By Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen- INCREDIBLE. You have no idea what the book is about in the beginning. The story goes back and forth between present day wife and her past life. It just had me hooked from the beginning because it just better and better. 

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan- let me just start by saying that this is completely different from the book. The movie left out so much but it was still great. It's just an incredible story about Rachel who grows up with a single mother who is meeting her boyfriends family for the first time. Little does she know that his family is WAY different and WAY wealthier than she ever knew.

My Absolute Darling by Gabriel Tallent- When I first started this, I wasnt into it but somehow it got me a some point and I was hooked. It definitely is a weird book but it's written so well. A small town girl who grows up in a weird setting with just her dad. So many horrible things happen. Just read it! It is such a page turner.

I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll- Another mystery and thrilling book that had me turning the pages like crazy. It's so twisted and wicked, you never really see the ending coming. Not gonna lie, this book had me spooked haha. A woman sees two young men who are recently out of prison hitting on two girls on the train. She wants to warn them but she doesn't. Next day she sees that one of those girls on the train is missing. Is she missing? Hiding? dead? Someone knows but who?


The Arrangements by Sarah Dunn- First romance book I've read in a while! A couple decides two have an open marriage that starts off as a joke but ends up happening. They are allowed to do anything for 6 months. Little by little one realizes that it was mistake and the other might be falling in love? This book had me laughing, crying, and angry! So incredibly good. 

The Women in the Window by AJ Finn- HOLY MOLY. That's all there is to say about this book. So many things come to light throughout this book that just had me OMG'ing. Anna Fox cant leave her home but she window watches the world around her and her neighbors. One night she hears yelling and witnesses something horrible happening. Is Anna seeing things or what? No wonder this book is a number one New York Times Bestseller.

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn- This book was just so twisted and incredible. It’s by the author of Gone Girl and it is also a TV series which I have yet to see. It’s a thriller and mystery all in one and it just blows your mind. Camille returns to her hometown to investigate a murder. She reunites with her weird family but little by little she starts realizing things from her past. All this somehow ties in with the recent murders. It’s a short read but SO SO WORTH IT. Trust me.

I've been on a roll with the books I've been reading. I never thought that I'd come to love Mystery and thriller books (I've always been a romance kind of girl). Currently reading Fates & Furies by Lauren Goff. I have a few books coming in the mail and I can't wait to start them! I'll be checking in next month with a whole new set of books. Hope you all enjoy reading one of these. Let me know which books you recommend down below!