Graduation Party

I had one of the greatest weekends ever. I was able to celebrate my graduation with my closest family and friends. My mom, bestfriend, sister, boyfriend, and stepdad all planned such an amazing party for graduation! From the decorations (SHOUTOUT TO MARI) to the food and just the smallest details, they did such an amazing job at just making sure it was the best.

I love moments like these because I take a moment and step back. I see my best friends and family members all here and it just makes you realize how I am surrounded by such amazing people. Friends who are there for the biggest moments of your life but also there for your lowest points. Family who no matter the distance, will love you no matter what. All of Saturday, Sunday, and today my heart has been filled with so much joy and love for every single one of family & friends.

I am so excited for this post graduation journey. I have no clue what to do next but pray that God shows me the way. Hope you stick around to see where my journey takes me to next! P.S next vacation is T-Minus 5 days away and I am so excited for you all to see where I am headed (HINT: it may or may not be a national park).