5 Favorite Recent Reads

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone on social media and have seen people ask for recommendations for good books. I get messages all the time from family and friends who are always looking for a good book to read. Sometimes picking the perfect book to read is so hard because there are just SO MANY out there & I still to this day struggle with finding the perfect book. Sometimes I know what I want because of others recommendations and other times I just wing and hope it’s a good one. So far I’ve loved every single book I pick out mostly because I spend enough time researching reviews. Now that I am officially done with school, I am so excited to finally get back to reading.

I wanted to put together a list of recent books I’ve read for anyone who’s looking for a good beach read or just a good story! Lately I’ve been really into thriller and mystery books.

  1. Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler- Is a story about a girl who moves to NYC to create a life for herself. Romantic and yet adventurous, read about how she maneuvers herself in the restaurant business. Also a brand new show on Starz.
  2. When Life Gives You Lululemons by Lauren Weisberger- I absolutely loved this book because I work in a town where every mom wears Lululemons and is a stay at home mom. The author of The Devil Wears Prada brings back Emily to help out a High class client in a suburban town get her life back together. Romance, mysterious, and hilarious! 
  3. My Husbands Wife by Jane Corry- This book had me at the edge of my seat with every page. You never knew what was going to happen and there was always a new twist and turn. A story about secrets, family past, and lovers. Romance, Thriller, Mystery and just AMAZING.
  4. Playing With Matches by Hannah Orenstein -If your a sucker for a good romance novel like me, you'll this book! Recent college grad living in the city finds herself working for a match making company. Helping others find love while her love life is going down the drain. Such an amazing read!
  5. Bright Side by Kim Holden- I recommend this book to teenagers/ young adults. It's a college love story about a girl who has had a rough life growing up. She leaves California for College in Minnesota and meets the greatest group of friends especially a special someone named Keller Banks. This book will have you cry, laugh, and cry some more!

I am currently reading My Absolute Darling by Gabriel Tallent. It has been named the best book of the year by NYT, NPR, USA Today and so many more! Next on my list is I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll. I am constantly adding books to my list to read either by looking up the NYT bestseller list or by checking the new releases! Have any book recommendations? Leave them down below! I love hearing your thoughts!