Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

Happy Wednesday Beautiful Friends!

Short post here but I wanted to get something off my chest. This past weekend my boyfriend was so kind enough to take photos of me for my blog and instagram. I was super nervous because I can get pretty weird on camera especially in front of others. I mean taking pictures by yourself can be pretty weird right? Like how do i pose or what do I do with my arms? Anyone else feel this way?


Well we took a bunch of pictures and out of all of them, I only liked one. ONE! I criticized myself so much in the pictures. My hair, my arms, my chubby cheeks, my outfit. I just ripped into myself and honestly i felt like crap. I mean I lost 50 pounds and I should be feeling my best right now right?! No no no. I quickly cut those thoughts out of my mind. My beauty doesn’t have to do with the weight I lost, or the size of my arms, or my chubby cheeks. My beauty should radiate from within! We are all beautiful. I looked at my photo and sent it to two friends who absolutely loved it and told me how beautiful I looked. How can my friends see how I look but I see something completely different?

I promised myself from here on out, I will quit being so harsh on myself and learn to see my true beauty, inside and out. I hope that with this small rant you can take away something important: WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL.

Love you all!