1 Year as Roomates Q & A!

Happy Monday Friends

I am so exicted to be writing this awesome blog post. Honestly this has to be one of my favorites so far. My roomate and I made one year of living together in December. We still cant believe how fast the time has gone but we are so grateful to be roomates. In honor of making one year, I thought it would be a little fun to do a Q & A on us living together and so that you guys could see how we work with each other. I know that moving in with a friend can be scary because it is new territory for a friendship. So I wanted to write this post to let you guys in our secret to getting along and how we deal with being under the same roof. But before we get to that, I wanted to give you guys an insight on our friendship!

Beth and I met at church in August 2009. We talked one night randomly and I vented to her all within our 20 min talk. It was so easy talking to her and she is honestly the SWEETEST person ever. Since that day, we have always been friends. We always saw each other at church and always talked about life and travels. It was one summer we decided to go to the beach and it kind of became a yearly thing. In 2016 we did a short trip to DC together in April and we rented a beach house that summer in OBX. That’s when our friendship really took off and we started hanging out more and more. From study dates to van goghs to going dancing to cross country road trips , we got really close! So now that you got a little insight on our friendship, here are some Q and A’s!

Outerbanks, North Carolina 2016

Outerbanks, North Carolina 2016


Favorite part about living together?

Beth- I am never alone because I always have her close by!

Mari- I have always wanted to live with a roommate! But i love that she’s never far and how we can just be in our pjs and talk/watch tv.

One thing that one of us do that annoys each other?

Beth- That she walks in the house with shoes on (no shoe zone lol).

Acadia National Park, Maine 2018

Acadia National Park, Maine 2018

Mari- nothing really bothers me but she’s a perfectionist and I am not so yeah haha.

Best memory so far?

Beth- Just sitting on our beds and talking about life, watching movies, and cooking dinner!

Mari- Best memory has to be our first huge snow storm where we almost got frostbite from being outside haha

Who takes out the trash the most?

Beth- I take our the recycling and cardboard most.

Mari- Definelty Beth! I ALWAYS forget.

Who has the dirtiest dishes?

Beth- We both usually have the same amount and were both meal preppers!

Mari-I think its the same! Our schedules are a little different so we never cook at the same time.

Who’s home more?

Beth- I’m definitely home more haha.

Mari-Beth is definitely home more. I work a lot of hours and I am never home on the weekends haha.

Favorite thing to do together?

Beth- i love talking with Mari and just spending time together. We both love hiking and traveling so we do a lot of that when the weather is warmer.

Mari- Order sushi/late night mcdonald cookies and just talk about life on the couch. We love traveling together and being outdoors!

Colorado 2017

Colorado 2017

Worst Memory?

Beth- Don’t really have a bad memory!

Mari- We never fight but I lost two forks at home and you can tell things were a little off. Good news: the missing forks were replaced haha

How much longer do we think we’ll live together?

Beth-Sadly 2019 but secretly wish it was forever.

Mari- Sadly this will probably the lat year together. We both have exciting things happening in our lives this year and we will have to part ways. But like she said, I wish we could be roomies forever

Has our relationship grown/stayed the same/worsened since living together


Beth- I personally feel like its grown. I miss her more than I used to when I dont see her. We also challenge our fait and encourage growth in our life.

Mari- OH yes we have definitely grown. You learn to know a persons mood and body language. I can usually tell when she’s upset or sad or annoyed and I’m pretty sure its vice versa. We have gone through life together not only in the past year but in the last decade even though we haven’t always been this close.

How do we split the chores?

Mari- from the moment that we decided we were going to move in together, we had already discussed how we were splitting everything with chores. We do our own dishes but of course if there are other dishes in the sink, we wash them all.

Beth- We have gotten into a routine I think over time. We split the dishes. If there are any in the sink or drying rack it doesn’t matter we just do the whole thing. We clean the entire house every other week. We even Finnish up some laundry of each others if we have more time.

What has living together taught us?

Beth- I Have never lived with anyone other than my family. It has taught me I do not have to be such a OCD person clean person 24/7. I has taught me I’m very boring lol. It has also taught me lots of amazing things about friendship and how God has given me such a blessing like Marianna.

Mari- I as well have never lived with anyone other than family. It has taught me more about being more organized and clean. I cant just leave dishes laying around for days or leave my stuff in the living room. I live with someone and I cant leave messes around. It has also taught me responsibility with my cleanliness, friendships, and money.

Glacier National Park, Montana 2017

Glacier National Park, Montana 2017

So as you can see, it’s been a really good year of living together! We have created so many awesome memories together that we will forever cherish. I don’t think God could’ve given me a better roommate than this! Thanks Sigs for always being there for me & for accepting my messiness, taking out the trash on my days, and for always being down to eat cookies. Here’s to the next year (or few months) of living together! May it be the best one yet.