Life, Travels, and School

IMG_3394 Hey everyone!

I'm so excited to be writing again. I feel like i say this all the time but I have tons to write about and I am back for good ! Life has gotten so busy the last few months with schooling, lots of travels and just life.

The last 6 months have been a series of ups and downs (mostly ups). I am finally working full time and still going to school full time. I have had tremendous school work due to the fact that I've been taking five classes each semester but im glad to say i finally graduate in one year! So anyone wanna hire me? Haha. I am so glad that i am finally reaching this milestone in my life. A few years ago I decided to drop out because i just didn't want to do it anymore. I had. No idea which path to take so i decided I wasn't going back to school. Fast forward to a few years and Im heading into my final semesters and couldn't be more proud of myself.

As for travels, I have been to quite a few places since October and they are:

  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Florida
  • England
  • Wales
  • FInger Lake Region, NY

I made myself a promise in the beginning of the year that I was going to travel more and see more of this beautiful world we live in. It's only april and ive been doing lots of traveling. I have more trips booked and planned out for the rest of the year and i can't wait to write all about it!

I'm excited to be back and hopefully expanding my writing and continuing to talk about life, traveling, reading and so much more! I am also going to start writing about things that I am currently into such as books, shows, clothing styles, makeup (not much of that haha), and any new foods I am into !

If you haven't done so, follow my social media pages to follow all my adventures (links should be on the side of my page!

Have a great week everyone! Keep on the loo out for my next post ;)