May Your Day Be As Flawless As Your Makeup

image Happy Thursday everyone! So I'm extremely excited to be writing this post. For a while now I've been usually writing about traveling, life, and books. I've been wanting to expand my so called "horizons" and write more about different subjects and the one that stood out to me the most was MAKEUP. Have you ever watched those tutorials and thought " How do these people know to do that or know what to buy?!"

Yes, makeup haha. Well for those that don't really know me know that I really don't wear that much makeup. Mascara and blush call it a day but I love watching those makeup tutorials and seeing how flawless these people look. I wish I had the skills and talent haha (sadly I don't). So one of my bestest friends is actually a makeup artist who is incredibly good! She post tutorials on a weekly bases onto her Facebook and YouTube channel ( For YouTube click -> Beauty Me Marilyn and Facebook click -> Beauty Me Marilyn). From simple to extravagant, you can see it all on her page.


I've been talking to Marilyn for a while now on writing a post about makeup and having her help me choose her makeup favorites. We have finally joined forces and were able to narrow down her favorite fall makeup brands (she took pictures while I played with all her makeup). With so so many products out, who knows w hich one is the best. So we decide to give you the best product and also give you a duplicate thats a bit cheaper.image

Moisturizer With the colder weather around the corner, it's great to start moisturizing. Ever hear anyone talk about how moisturizing is a major part of having great skin? Well it's true ! The two products to the left can be used as both a primer and moisturizer. The Clinique ($29.50 at Clinique) is a bit on the pricier side but the Nivea ($5.50 at Target) is the cheaper option.


These are both great hydrating foundations to use. They both have full coverage and are light weight. Just like the moisturizers above, the Make Up Forever ( $43 at Sephora) is more expensive than the Milani ( $10 at Walgreens)


Highlighting  I know we've all heard "Highlighting"imageBefore. You know that shimmery stuff you put all over your face? Yeah that's this stuff. On the left we have the oh so famous makeup brand Anatasia Berverly Hills. On the left we have Wet n Wild. Both have warm shades of gold for the fall. Anastasia Glow Kit Ultimate Glow ($45 at Sephora). Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder ($3.99).



The one makeup thing I can sorta do is apply eye shadow. Fall is all about neutrals and dark colors. On the left we have the Anastasia Berverly Hills Master Palette by Mario. It contains both matte and shimmer shadows. To the right is the Morphe 350 which Marilyn refers to as neutral heaven and has more colors. Anastasia Master Palette ($45 at Ulta). Morphe 350 ($ 2.99 at Mimageorphe Brushes)


Our favorite season is here and that means darker lips ! Who doesn't love reds and maroons on there lips?! To the left we have Mac lipstick in Double Fudge and Jeffree Star Velour liquid lipstick in Dominatrix. To the right we have Colourpop Ultra Matte Luquid Lipstick. A ll three lipsticks are simply amazing ! Jeffree Star ($18 from Jeffree Star site). Mac Lipstick ($21 from Mac). Colourpop Ultra Matte ($6 from Colourpop site)

I'm hoping this post gave you some insight on makeup and what products are hot right now (and which ones are worth buying haha). Even though there are thousands of different products out there, these of some of the few that we like the most. Hope this can inspire you to buy some of these cool products and play around. I know I'm definitely going be ordering some dark lipstick shades from Coloupop!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Stay tuned for many more post coming up :)