Welcoming Spring|| What's Next?

195d8f9ae0fc6167b2932d31a3adc3cf.jpgHey everyone! Thank god for spring break. Since i came back from Chicago, i've tried to stay busy and focused since I'm going away next week for 4 days (so I'm basically just working my butt off for my next vacation/roadtrip/getaway lol). Spring has to be one of my favorite seasons not only for warmer weathers but for outdoor activities as well (I'm very outdoorsy). Ever since i can remember from when i was younger Spring consisted of a few things: Baseball Season (YANKEES), bike riding, and hiking ! I'm so ready to see what this spring has in store for me! Anyone else excited like i am ?

It has been a busy past three weeks ! Life has been a bit crazy for me the past few months. From crazy family to anxiety and to realizing who your true friends are, it has been a crazy roller coaster. Just to put it out there, friendships can be so hard at times (even though i feel like they shouldn't be). Some are worth saving while others are worth letting go. Losing a friend is tough but sometimes you realize it's for the best. Don't get hung up on friendships, family is much more important. Life goes on and you just got to enjoy the friendships of those who never left your side :)


For those people who have no clue what to do on weekends or don't want to spend that much money, start looking up small towns or doing out door activities. I get so many people that tell me they don't know how or where to look. I'll give you one of my secret search websites. I use onlyinyourstate.com sometimes when i cant seem to find a new place (which is rare because their is so much to see around you)! Its a website that by state you can look up things from eating, sight seeing, to lodging.

So as for the month of March, i have been sort of all over the place. Celebrating birthdays, tons of work, and just exploring more towns. So far in the last 3 weeks i have to been to:



  • Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
  • Shooting a 9mm Sig in Randolph NJ
  • Bike Riding Along the Hudson
  • New Hope, Pennsylvania
  • New Hope Winery
  • Riverhorse Brewery.
  • Peddlers Village in Buck County, PA
  • New York Auto Show
  • Bff birthday celebration in china town.


Hot Pot is amazing we can just leave it at that. My best friend had a birthday dinner in Boston with her family and came back in love with Hot Pot. She decided she wanted to take my boyfriend and I to try it. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. WARNING: your clothes and hair will smell like hot pot heavily. But its so worth it. For those who ask, hot pot is where you get broth (they a few different ones) and a bunch of meats, noodles, and veggies and cook them in the broth. So good ugh.   I suggest everyone try it!

As for April, i have so much planned to do! For starters, i finally got my hiking boots and raincoat. I have been on the hunt for a great pair for the past four months and finally settled on a Columbia Pair (love them). They were required for part of the trip next weekend ;)  I'm also planning my MDW weekend plans (already settled just got to book the hotel) and my august vacation! I also have a bit of great news! As of July, I'll be living down the shore for a month for work (beach house with my own room and bathroom and everything) I'm super excited :) But that's pretty much it !

IMG_9108 (1)

I hope everyone had a great Easter ! I got a chance to spend sometime with my family, my best friends (g&m), and hang out with the love of my life.(Side note, i had a few people ask me where i got my dress because they loved the print and style, It's from express ladies! ). I hope everyone enjoyed this post and sticks around since i promise i'll be blogging sometime this week. Have a blessed week and i hope you all had  a great weekend !