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88245afe5332f708628ba4bb25203224 Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great week so far.Even better that tomorrow is Friday and christmas is just a few days away (so is my vacation haha) :) Thank god! Before you read on, this is sort of like a book review so i will try not to spoil any of the books I will list.

So lately ive been reading so many great books. The library is probably tired of seeing me. Plus ive put like 10 books on hold for me, oops! Ive realized i really like mystery books and suspense. Lets face it, i will always be a sucker for cheesy romance novels. The novels that make you cry your eyes out and where you can relate to the characters. Those are the type of books I've always read (which is why I'm such a helpless romantic). I wanted to show those who are reading my blog the great reads I've done lately. I'm also thinking about doing a monthly book post about all the books I've read that month ( i read from 6 to 10 books a month).I know I've have a few of you ask me to put a list together of good books for yall to read, so here are a few of my recent favorites.

CWNXYopWUAA5FVZThe Status Of All Things By: Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke

Ugh this book was amazing. It is a romance novel. Kate and her fiancee are about to get married when he backs out the night before explaining to her that he's in love with someone else. The book goes on about her heartbreak and this power of time traveling she receives. She goes back in time trying to figure out what happened and what point of the relationship Max sort of clicked out. Does trying to change the past, change fate or do things still go as planned? The connection you feel with Kate throughout the whole book is great (you feel like your heart is breaking as well). I wont go on further explaining what happened because ill leave that for you to find out.

CVPYla9WIAA3kcoBefore I Go By: Colleen Oakley

(Ugly CRY ALERT!!) All i have to say for this book is wow. It's so great how you can relate to the character, Daisy, who beat cancer the first time and finds out she has it once again with a possible death sentence. The books goes on to describe how her relationship with her husband, Jack, suffers from her diagnose. Your heart will break hearing how much shes suffering not only from cancer but her heart is breaking knowing that she will be leaving her husband. She'd had a plan to find her husband a new wife. You feel everything that Daisy feels.CVFO7aZUAAA4dh_

The Good Neighbor By: A.J. Banner

Suspense. The Good Neighbor is probably the fourth book i ever read that's suspense. It's incredible. Sarah and her husband live in a wonderful neighborhood until one night the house next door is on fire and the fire spreads to her house causing major damage. I wont say if anyone dies or not. No one knows who started the fire and why. Her house is ruinned and they move into a nearby town. Things start to go insanely weird to the point that her husband was questioned about his whereabouts the night of the fire. Many clues start coming up but nothing makes sense until another major event happens and finally everything clicks into place. Her life is at stake. WILL MAKE YOU NOT WANT TO STOP READING (Definitely must read if you love suspense).

CVpV8isWcAAcNciWildalone By: Krassi Zourkova

I will admit, I started this book and was so confused and completely not into it. But I kept on reading and somehow i was hooked. Weird storyline i will not lie. Has a lot of Greek Mythology, magic, and of course romance. Takes place at Princeton University. A freshman from Bulgaria named Thea, is here on a music scholarship and discover the mystery of her sister who died at Princeton 15 years ago. Meanwhile she falls in love with this older bad boy who appears twice. When she finally meets him again, she finds out its not really him but his twin brother (so shes basically like in love with both). Than she finds out her sister is like a goddess and is in love with her guy. Completely crazy but really interesting.CSgOrdNU8AESLX6

See Me By: Nicholas Sparks

I am a huge Nicholas Sparks fan so of course i had to read it. I was a little 50/50 on this book. I feel like this book was a bit different from every other book but yet the same. One thing i love about Nicholas Sparks books is how they all take place in North Carolina (love that beautiful state). Maria is a lawyer and Colin is a bartender who is back in school. They meet through Maria's younger sister and hit it off even though neither were looking for a relationship. Everything is going perfect when Maria's past cases come back for revenge. Their love is put on the test when danger comes and threatens Maria's life and her family.

Hope you enjoyed this post and get to read these awesome books I have written somewhat of a review about  (there are so much more books to come and don't be shy to let me know some of your favorite books too)! If your interested in reading but don't know exactly what to read, I can email you a list of books to read and you won't have to wait until next month books post, dont hesistate to email me at: Make sure to keep checking for new book post or just add your email to receive notifications of new posts. Thanks for reading !