Happy Monday!

 Hey everyone! I'm so glad it's Monday (and that rarely happens lol). Monday are usually the most dreaded day of the week right?! Well not for me this week! It's my last week of work until January and I'm just a few days away from going away with my boyfriend ! It's such an exciting few weeks I have ahead of me and I can't wait to blog about my trip, Christmas, and more.


So this past weekend was a weekend full of fun and exciting news! (Gotta read till the end to find out ;)) I was able to spend it in the city pretty much my entire weekend (Manhattan for those who don't know). Friday night was date night with Danny (our date nights day change all the time because my boyfriend is a pilot and has the weirdest schedule). We decided to head into the city and do our yearly tradition of seeing the tree, ice skating (which we didn't end up doing), and just walking fifth ave. So like our usual date nights I usually pick out the place for dinner cause I love finding new places to eat. This time we just walked around and chose a place on the spot and what a great choice we did. We ate at this place called The Counter Timesquare. SO GOOD! The burgers were delicious. Totally recommend it!

We than headed over to Bryant park to do a little shopping at there holiday shops which I absolutely love. They are shops of things you can't just find anywhere so adorable. We made our way up to Rockefellar Center to see the tree.



I will say this, I love the tree and I love seeing it every year. My boyfriend on the other hand doesn't understand the point of seeing it every year (lame). I think it's beautiful and I've made it into a tradition to see it every year ( I can't remember a year that I haven't seen it). But it's so overly crowded so you can't really stay for long (gotta love/hate tourist). We made our way to watch the light display show on the Saks  Fifth avenue building. So beautiful I love seeing it every year! We walked our way down fifth ave as we made our way to penn station to head home. It was a well needed date night with my handsome pilot. Perfect night with my perfect man ❤️

Saturday was great also! I woke up early and made my way into the city with my best friend Marilyn. I was supposed to do santacon but things didn't go as planned, I was bummed because being in the city and seeing all the Santas sucked but I still had fun. I was supposed to meet a family member for lunch but plans fell through. I ended up having a better day than expected. We had coffee at one of my favorite breakfast spots in the city called, Le Pain Quotiden (which i ended up spilling and i was only able to get like three sips). We sat in Bryant park for the longest time just talking about life. Mind you it was probably the best weather i have ever seen in Decemeber, it was 65 degrees! Super crazy i know. We made our way over to Marilyns job on fifth ave. I was so happy seeing where she worked and spent most of her time (pretty much all she does is online shop, text us, and tag us on funny things on insta and facebook all day).


We walked up 5th ave with the crazy tourist and of course made pit stops at our favorite shops. Lunch was delicious. Im about to let you in a secret burger place. So i found this place when i was planning my anniversary dinner with Danny 3 years ago. If you love burgers, you need to go here. Its a hidden NYC gem. Its called the burger joint and its not located where the public eye can see daily. Its hidden inside a hotel called the Le Parker Meridien (W 56th Street). YOU NEED TO TRY IT! You can thank me later ;). Now for dessert another one of my favorite places called Momofuku. You just need to go there and their Cereal Milk soft serve ice cream. The best thing ever.

Our day came to end as we walked around Central Park and made our way back down to take the bus home. My Saturday night consisted of a girls night (plus Dave lol) with some delicious Barefoot wine (maybe more than one or two bottles haha), living room dance parties, hilarious snapchat videos, and late night drives at 3am.

Sunday was perfect like always. A day to unwind from a fun weekend and spend the day at church. Its also a day of catching up on some sleep and relax. I can honestly say i had a perfect weekend.


Last but not least I want to congratulate my beautiful bestfriend on her engagement !! Monse, I couldn't be more excited for you and Carlos and I'm so happy we get to join you on your next journey through life called marriage. Im so excited for the big day but I can't wait for the planning and the excitement that being engaged brings. Cheers to you and Carlos on your big day yesterday! Love you both so much!

Hope you all have a blessed and wonderful week!