Best Month of the Year !

So happy my favorite month of the year is finally here! I really wait all year for this month. What's not to love about Decemeber? The spirit, the music, Christmas, decorations, and family coming together. But where is Christmas the best at for me? Nothing is better than Christmas in New York. For those who are just reading my blog I was born and raised in the beautiful state of New York and raised in one of the five boroughs, Staten Island. I have been to a few places during Christmas like Vegas, Washington DC, Los Angeles, & Disney World but nothing compares to Christmas in New York. The lights, decorations, the tourist (probably the only time of year where I love tourist in the city), and the weather! Call me crazy but I do love winter.

 Holiday Traditions:

I don't really have "family traditions" I do for the holidays but just things I like doing every year with either my boyfriend, bestfriends, or family

  • First & foremost is Holiday movies on the Hallmark Channel or ABC family. It's something my dad has got us hooked on. He would record movies during the week and we would watch them when we would go for the weekend. Countless of great holiday movies.
  • Visit Rockafellar Center (been going there every year for as long as I can remember)
  • Skating in Bryant park & also shopping at there holiday shops
  • Putting up the Christmas tree
  • Skating in Central Park ( it's a must)
  • Visit Serendipity (my favorite)
  • Light shows (my boyfriend took my to this light show down the shore a few years ago and it was beautiful!)
  • Holiday parties!
  • Drink lots & lots of eggnog
  • & Florida :) (I've been going every Christmas for as long as I can remember)

December 2015:

My December is looking pretty crazy right now. I work until 17 & I have off for two weeks & a half (paid vacation). So far I have planned my trips into the city for the "traditions" things I like to do. There are holiday parties & dinners to attend. I'm also thinking about doing Santa Con this year (bar hopping in NYC in Christmas outfits) any thoughts ? I'm also shopping for my vacation that's in 22 days (I'm already packing, can you tell I'm excited?!). Last but not least, gift shopping for loved ones.

Be sure to keep reading my blog post for the month of December to see what awesome stuff I'll be doing! :)

Xoxo MB