Focus on the Good

d9384ae832b8c4ddf2e42602d6bc40f8.jpgHappy Friday everyone! How was everyone's week? I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather. I had a pretty relaxed week and surprisingly I didn't do much. I did in fact plan a trip for which i leave tonight! Which im extremely excited about ! So make sure you stick around to read about it ! So for today's post i decided to talk about something a little different then traveling.I was debating what my next blog post should be about and i had a few ideas in mind. The idea that stuck to me the most is life lessons i have learned since the new year. I know it's April but i have learned so much within the last few months. I don't know if it age or maturity but i have learned some really great life lessons/choices.

Partying Ain't Everything

Oh college....It's that time where people are "experimenting", going nuts, and living life to the fullest. Especially with alcohol. Which i must say, sucks. It does nothing good for you other then make you grow broke, gain weight, and make you do stupid stuff. As soon as i turned 21, i did go crazy and go all out with going out (hey what 21 year old doesn't?). I did the clubs and bars every single weekend (no joke) and to be honest, yes it was fun and i made great memories. It was something i had to get out of my system and I'm SO glad that its over now.


To be honest, it isn't all that people make it to be. My favorite part is getting ready with my best friends before we go out cause that's where we have the most fun. Getting drunk is not fun AT ALL. The throwing up, forgetting what happened the night before, and having people have dumb videos of you doing "funny" things isnt fun. Sorry to break it ya but it's not worth it. All the wasted money on liquor and clubs isn't worth it. My friends and I look back now and say "hey we had a great time, but were glad it's over". Don't get me wrong, I will still go out here and there but i won't go nuts like the old Marianna would. Party life just isn't for me.

Friendships Aren't Always Forever

I think one of the hardest parts of friendship is people realizing that were all growing up and going separate ways. Especially with friends who you have been friends with for so long. I used to think having tons of friends was the best thing ever but to honest, im glad i have a smaller circle of people who truly care and want the best in life for me and vice versa.


You know in middle or high school when your all about best friends for life? Yeah about that haha. Friendships are one of the trickiest things in life. Some friends are here for a season and some are there forever. It's hard just realizing which friends are which. This year has been a major reality check for me in the friend department. People who you think will be in you life forever will not always be there, sad but true. And to be honest, I'm actually okay with that because i have the people who are really meant to be there forever with me. So lesson learned, don't hold on to close to friendships that are not worth it and that make you feel like you owe them something. You deserve so much more.


Do What You Really Want To Do

I started college undecided. It's hard picking a career that your going to be working in for the rest of your life. I first decided becoming a doctor. That was a no lol. I decided on education because i was really good with kids and everyone kept telling me that it's really the only thing they could see me doing. Now take it from me, im the type of person who goes with the flow. If someone tells me they can only see me teaching then what the heck, lets do teaching. I was suffering in classes such as sociology and psychology (i actually did like psych a bit).I dragging my feet so badly that I started for less and less classes to the point where I decided i wanted to drop out.

I did drop out for like a semester and found out that education wasn't for me. I looked into different schools with my best friend and decided that i should of done what i wanted to do since i was like 10. Go into Fashion. DUH. I backed out of fashion because everyone kept telling me how bad of a business it was and that they couldn't see me doing it blah blah. Well there you go, two semesters into fashion and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! For once i actually love what im learning and im excited to graduate and work in the fashion industry. Lesson learned. Go for you dreams and don't let anyone tell you what you should do.


Family Is Forever

It's been one crazy four months full of ups and downs. I have learned so much and feel like life is finally is settling down. I'm extremely thankful for my family. It was a rough few months but my family has always been able to pull through. The outcome of tough situations is the closeness it brings us all. I was able to spend alot of time with family i was barely able to see and it built strength in our relationship. Through it all family will always be there no matter how ugly or bad a situation might get. Family are the bestfriends that will be there forever and ever no matter what. Crystal your my fav haha.

Hope everyone enjoyed this post about some important life lessons i learned this year already ! Have a great weekend and make sure to check back next week to hear about my trip this weekend (so excited to write about it!).