Fall Fun || Weekend Recap

I can honestly say I had a great weekend with family and friends. A restless one but so worth it! Thankfully I got out of work so early on Friday. Gave my bestfriends and I some time to do some shopping before our night out. Only bad thing was that it was rainy. Rainy nights = lazy and sleepy nights. I was so tempted to stay home a sunset the covers all night but I needed a night out with my bestfriends! We went to one of our favorite places, Morristown. They have some pretty cool bars there. Well it was night full of laughter and a ton of dancing. A perfect night out with the best people.

Saturday was exciting as well. Not only was it because I got to wear my new hat or my knee high boots but because I was with family. With only two hours of sleep, I woke up early and spent the day with my mom and younger sister. I've been wanting to go pumpkin picking so badly! I've done it before but never with my family. So we drove out to Hillsborough and spent the day at Norz Hill Farm. We did hayrides, petting zoo,  pumpkin picking, and a million pictures. Nothing is better than seeing a smile on my Thalis face. Not only that but it's been a while since I've hung out with my mom. We were able to talk and I was able to tell her about everything that's going on in my life and filled her in on all the pointless drama.

My younger sister wanted to pick up every pumpkin that she saw. Her line is " One for Danny, Montez, Marilyn, and Gracia" she involves our friends in the family haha. So we picked out the best pumpkins we could find and we got some for dad and our other sister who was working. We than had lunch together which led to so much laughing because Thali is a clown. She says the funniest things.

I was so exhausted after that. It was time for a nap. But the night was young lol. My bestfriend and I went to this crazy haunted house with a close friend. HauntedScare House in Wharton, NJ (apparently it's the number one place in jersey). It was a warehouse and two floors of screaming and scary things popping out of everywhere. Like this place was good. Gracia and I of course took the lead and were the front of the group, so we took in all the scares first lol. Things popped out, flew towards us, and a cool blow up thing where it was completely dark and you had to find your way through. Luckily we made it out.  The next part was called Escape the room! This was so much fun. So all four of us went in a room and we had to find the clues to get the key to get out. We first did the Kitchen. Soooo hard. They give you five minutes to figure it out and sadly we couldn't get it. So confusing. So we were determined to try again. This time we split up. Gracia and I on one team and our other two friends one another. Me and Gracia did the den. We walked in and did our hardest to find the clues and numbers and get the box open for the key. WE DID IT! Haha we got it in like the last 30 seconds. Talk about major anxiety. We were so happy while the other team didn't accomplish there room. Gracia and I won free tickets to their Valentine's Day haunted house! So cool. The rest of the night was spent eating and drinking at our favorite late night place TGI Fridays. Sunday was also exciting. It consisted of the normal waking up and getting ready for church which usually takes forever because I can never decide what I should wear. Spent the whole morning at church than spent a few hours with my boyfriend. Than another Halloween attraction, FRIGHT FEST! So much fun. So every year my friends, Gracia and Monse, go to fright fest with an awesome group of friends. (Me, Gracia, and Monse)

This year it wasn't the same group but a few of my friends came. We walk around getting scared and trying to ride at least one ride with those three hour waits they have. Blah. We rode one ride.... A kiddie ride haha the wait time was zero! So we decided to purchase the haunted trails package and did most of the trails before they closed. Let me tell you it was great! The trails were scary and so cool! I feel like I did enough haunted trails for this Halloween season. Hopefully I'll be back before Halloween is over to ride some roller coasters. (Derrick,Gracia, Me, and Marilyn )

Now the end to my supposedly three day weekend. I'm at work today for overtime which I was hoping to have the day off to catch up on some sleep. But these activities and fun things don't pay for themselves. It was great weekend with some pretty amazing people in my life. Hopefully my week will be great. I'll be back to the gym this week and back to my normal routine. Looks like next weekend is gonna be pretty fun once again! Can't wait! Have a blessed week everyone :)

xoxo MB

P.S. Only 72 days until my vacation and I'm on a plane. I may not come back ;)