Tight Circle.

  Friends. A topic that we can go on and on about. How many bestfriends do you have? How many close friends do you have? What can you even consider a friend or a bestfriend? Is too many friends to much to handle? Is it okay to have a bestfriend who's a guy? We've all been through that stage where we all want to have a ton of friends and be that social butterfly. That person who has friends in each "circle" or friends in different towns. 

I've come to realize that having a ton of friends or bestfriends is not worth it. People will walk all over you, take advantage, and even talk about you. I now have acquaintances/friends and my bestfriends. There's no in between. My bestfriends know me inside out. They can tell when I'm sad, happy, moody and when I need my space. They just know it all and vice versa.

What is a friend or a bestfriend? 

Growing up and going through the different stages of life, I have gained and lost many friends. It's just part of life. A part of maturing I believe. There are obviously two differences between friends and bestfriends. Luckily I was able to ask a few of my best and close friends what they think. 

Friend- a person who you can get along with, someone who you have common interest with, who will be there for you, who is loyal and trustworthy. Someone who you see at a random place and chat for while. But be careful not everyone will be your friend. My friend Alexa says "I consider a friend someone who I trust to an extent where I can rely on someone when I need help or a pick me up & someone I can vent to but who cares to hear how I'm doing". I completely agree. 

Bestfriend- "Indespensible, all shame aside" as my friend marilyn would say and I couldn't agree more. A bestfriend is someone who's considered family, always truthful whether you like it or not, and someone you can share experiences with. My friend Natalia says "I want my best friends to be completely honest with me in every aspect of my life, especially if I ask them for their advice". Honesty is a major part of friendship especially when the person is doing something wrong. 

Should bestfriends or friends have boundaries? Like my bestfriend Aileen says "Best friends shouldn't have set boundaries. I think it's more like common sense and respect". Couldn't have said it any better myself! It's common sense when it comes to friendships but most importantly respect. Don't think because someone is your bestfriend you can step all over a person or not filter what you say, we all have feelings. 

My friend Aileen says "A friend is someone that treats you with respect, love, and admiration. Someone that lifts you up and doesn't bring you down.". Which brings me to my next conclusion, uplifting and brining you down. Why is that girls now a days think it's okay to tear each other down? Not only am I talking about hating on girls that we don't know but also hating on people we so called "friends". I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has a friend or friends who are the type of person who will bring you down and enjoys doing it. Yes, I am the type of person who will take this sort of bullying and not say a word but sometimes you reach a point where enough is enough. Why do girls think it's okay?! Like no it's not. We're  supposed to be helping each other by supporting and pushing each other to do better. Not judging girls on body size, shape, color, and even relationships. 

Guy best friends

I feel like that's such a touchy subject to single and taken girls . Some girls think it's okay and some others believe it's a definite no. I believe that having a guy bestfriend is okay but it's still a iffy subject for me, which is why my boyfriend is my bestfriend and pretty much my only guy bestfriend. If it's genuinely a friendship like my friend Gracia says, than yes guy bestfriends are okay. Once there's anything other than that, then no. Common sense once again.

I write this post because I'm such a friendly person that sometimes I realize I call everyone my bestfriend. Even people I barely talk to I call bestfriends. But I have my close circle of girls who I see or talk to everyday or once a week and they know exactly who they are. Not everyone is really your friend and careful who you tell things too because will use it to their advantage. Lesson learned! 

Xoxo MB

P.S thank you to all the girls who gave me their thoughts about this post!