Family Over Everything

So I've shared about my adventures, my friends, books, and nights out but I have yet to talk about family. In recent events in my family, it makes you realize how important family is whether there near or far. When a tragedy happens, most of the family comes together to lean on each other and be there.

My family is kinda spread out. Most of them live in Colombia & Costa Rica, some in Florida, & Connecticut. So I don't really get to see much of them. Sucks. I live in Jersey with my stepdad, mom and two sisters. Luckily my grandma & moms sisters  (my aunts) all live in jersey and less than an hour away. Sadly my dad lives in Florida with his wife & stepson. My grandma, cousins and aunt also live down there too. So usually I'll be down in Florida two to three times a year visiting and vacation with my family. As you all know Latinos have a HUGE FAMILY. Not even kidding. My great grandma had 14 kids. Which all had kids and it's crazy.

Dad & Mom: My young beautiful parents. Ahh the two people I love the most in the world, whether they know it or not. My two favorite people in the world also even though at times they can be my least favorite but I know why. Two very extremely hard working parents who want to give there children nothing but the best. My sisters and I can vouch that we have been quite spoiled growin up from all the awesome vacations to things we have been given.

 Sadly they aren't together anymore but aren't they cuties?! (My mom will probably be mad that I posted this but it's one of my favorite pictures of them). I love you guys mucho if your reading this!

Sisters: I got blessed to have the most amazing younger sisters anyone can have. Both which have grown so fast which makes me extremely sad but happy that there healthy and well. Paulina is 18 and she's my opposite but literally my other half. My puka, pukita, puker, SASSIEST PERSON ALIVE, little person BIG ATTITUDE, big booty, and an even bigger heart. We're like twins. She knows every bad and good that I have and vice versa. From playing store, teachers, singers, dancers, and making fun of each other to graduations and heartbreaks, she is my bff, my soulmate. She's the Carl to my Norm (funniest insider ever lol). She's above everyone and also my future maid of honor ;) Thali is 6 and the baby of the family. I was 15 when she was born and has been such a blessing to our family. Literally she's the love of my life, my princess, my world all in one. She likes to destroy all my makeup and put my clothes on and walk in my heels but you still gotta love her.

 Aunts, Uncles,& Cousins: I have 10 cousins. 4 aunts and blessed with awesome uncles ( my aunts husbands). My aunts:

  • Lina : my twin when it comes to loving clothes!
  • Paula : Hardworking & insanely loving and caring.
  • Marcela : Loving and beautiful and best cook in the world.
  • Melissa : crazy, beautiful, and loving Puerto Rican/ Colombian who I grew up with. My childhood bff!

They all mean the world to me. I look up to them all because they all have a wonderful life and families and kids who are all my best friends and babies! I also have like a gazillion second cousins but we just all consider each other primos or primas.

 As for my amazing grandmas who I love with all my life even though one tried to fatten me up and the other one complains about how fat I am lol, I have been blessed to grow up with my great grandma (this post is mostly for her since she's a bit sick). She's a cutie! She's seen me when I was first born to now and God is she hilarious and sassy. I feel like she's the one holding the family together. She's really sick right now and hopefully God gives her more time. She really wants to see me get married and meet my first child which will be her great great grandchild! What she's going through  has us all with a heavy heart. ( and no I'm not insanely sobbing as I read this....... okay... fine yes I am) Freaks me out when everyone is flying down to Colombia to be with her cause they don't know when something might happen and I wish I could just go and be with her even if it's for the last time. Nobody wants to lose her. But she's strong and if it's gods will she will pull through ❤️ love you mi viejita.

Tag along my life journey!

Xoxo MB