Books books & more books

  I've been wanting to blog about books for a while now so here it is! For as long as I can remember, and I believe it started 6th grade, reading has always taken a huge part of my time. I love books. Books to me are like a vacation from the real world. I get to escape my reality and check into a good read. I get so into reading that I pretty much ignore life responsibilities lol. That's pretty bad haha but it's true! Ask my friends and family. I can literally be "hanging out" and I'll pull my book right out and just continue where I left off. No shame in my reading game !

   I have this weird thing I hate and its library books. I love BARNES & NOBLE. Again ask friends and family and I could spend all day just sitting and looking through books. I love smelling new books too (I know a bit weird). I just love having the book and keeping it to myself and being able to bend the pages and keep it in my own mini library. But since life is expensive, I have been going to the library to get my books. Weird how I can spend over $50 on a shirt but feel horrible spending $15 on a book. Life of a shopaholic.

 I love romantic books. There my favorite but lately I've been readin a lot of thriller novels! I can list about more than a 200 of my favorite books but I won't do that lol. Here are my top 10 books so far:

  1. Where Did You Go Bernadette? By Maria Semple
  2. The Girl on the Train By Paula Hawkins
  3. Landline By Rainbow Rowell
  4. Red Hill By Jamie McGuire
  5. Confessions of a Shopaholic By Sophie Kinsella 

A lot of people always ask me how I find books to read, especially ones that interest me. I usually check the New York Times Bestseller list and see what's on their fiction list. Many times magazines also list popular books.I also have an account with this website called goodreads where it shows you the top reads for each category. Whoever is reading this and knows of any great books, comment below and let me know! I love reading books people recommend! 

Xoxo MB