Christmas In Scandinavia!

Happy FRIDAY friends!

Let’s talk traveling! I came back from one of my favorite trips of all time just a month ago. Everytime it’s time to plan out a new trip, I’m always looking at new cities and countries to visit! My sister and I wanted to get away for the holidays at a reasonable price and to somewhere new. I had looked into countries in Asia, South America, and Europe but everything seemed so pricey because of course it’s a major time of the year to travel. I played around with dates and finally found great prices to see Stockholm & Amsterdam. (Thank you 

My best friend decided to join us a month before the trip and gave us the idea of having a long layover in Copenhagen on our way to Amsterdam. A day in a new city? Heck yes!! So the trip came together and before we knew it, the time to leave finally came. We left on Christmas Eve at 10pm, which was crazyyy but also the cheapest. Landed in Stockholm at noon and took the metro into city centre. FYI: Scandinavia only has like 5 hours of sunlight in the winter!


We checked into our Airbnb and went out to explore with no sunlight haha. We walked around the cobbles stone streets of Stockholm taking in all its beauty. We stayed in the oldest part called Gamla Stan. Tons of beautiful streets, cool restaurants, shops, and touristy sites. We did our best to get some rest but that failed due to the 6 hour time change. We spent the next day walking everywhere and having so much FIKA. For those who follow me on social media, you would have seen my million post about fika time. It’s just a Swedish term for having time for family and friends during the day over coffee.

The highlight of Stockholm was the ABBA museum. For those who dont know me to well, my family and I are huge ABBA fans AKA we love Mamma Mia. We spent our morning singing our hearts out at the museum. It was so cool because it is intereactive which allows you to sing among stage with the band. Honestly if i had gone home after that, my heart would of been content. Another major thing to check out in Stockholm is their train stations! They have amazing art installed on their walls and ceilings that really make it look like you aren’t at just a train station. There is a picture down below that will show you one of the many stations!


Our next stop was Copenhagen! You’ve probably all seen the beautiful pictures of the Nyhavn but honestly pictures don’t do justice. Such a beautiful canal filled with colorful homes. The train from the airport to city center was less than 10 min and under $5. We walked around town for a bit before taking the metro to get some amazing bbq food and beer. A day full of food, no sleep, losing each other haha, being ticketed, and making our way to our next destination

Amsterdam. The city of flowers, “coffee shops, canals, and stroopwafels. We stayed at the coolest Airbnb ever. It was a houseboat on one of the canals. It was a short 10 min walk from the center of Amsterdam. Honestly have to say this has to be one of my favorite cities so far. We didnt do many touristy things which was so nice for a change. We had about 4 days in Amsterdam and we got to walk and bike ride all through the city and it’s different areas. We did one major museum which was the MOCO (artist such as Banksy, Roy Lichtenstein, Icy and Sot, and Andy Wharhol).


We are tons of food here, from noodles to doner kebabs to uber eats to mexican. We were able to try different foods here as well as get to visit an awesome food hall called Foodhallen. Honestly wish we had found this place sooner because the options were amazing and the was just WOW. I loved Amsterdam because we got to see so much from all the walking we did. I cant wait to be back someday because there is still so much more to see.

Let me just say that it is extremely important with who you travel with. I couldn’t have had a better trip than this if it wasnt for my sister and best friend. I honestly cant tell you how much laughed. From falling off bikes to getting ticketed in Copenhagen, it was honestly the greatest time ever. Find people who are so easy going and just enjoy a good laugh, because thats what vacation should be about!

I hope this trips inspires you to visit Denmark, Sweden, and The Netherlands. Such beauty in every country. I can’t wait to be back in Europe sometime this year hopefully! As for my next trip, I am 72 days away from going on a DREAM ADVENTURE! A place that been on my bucketlist FOREVER! Beyond excited for you guys to see where I am going! Hope you guys have a great weekend!