This Heart of Mine Was Meant to Travel: Eurotrip 2017

Hey everyone! So it has been exactly two months since i last posted because i have been so busy TRAVELING! I've had an incredible summer and i'm so excited go be writing about it. I am currently sitting in an airport in Poland making my way back home to the US. Poland you make ask? Yes! About a week ago I started my journey across four countries in Europe with my best friend. This trip was planned just three months ago while we were on our way to the Dominican Republic and before we knew it, everything came together so quickly. The trip of little sleep and lots and lots of food. Our journey started from JFK, New York and we landed at our first destination, Paris, France. We spent two days in Paris exploring and seeing as much as we could due to our short time there. From Paris, we took a high-speed train to Brussels, Belgium. Sadly we were only here for a day but we got to see so much of this amazing city. Our next stop was one of my favorites, Berlin, Germany. Ahh i loved it there. In high school I took four years of German and was so happy to finally put my German to use. Our final stop was Krosno, Poland. My best friend was born in Poland so our journey led us here where I got to spend four days learning the culture and somewhat of the Polish Language.


The city of love. For as long as I could remember, Paris has been at the top of my list of places to visit. The Eiffel tower is incredible! We were able to go all the way to top and see all of Paris from 1000 feet up in the air. We got to see all of Paris top sites from both walking and taking one of those city tour buses. We didn't go into any museums just because we were short on time and we wanted to make sure to see the top sites. I believe all of Paris can be seen in a day. I do have to say that Paris is a little overrated (sorry to burst anyone's bubble). I feel like people have hyped up this city so much that I was expecting so much more. But nonetheless, it is a beautiful city! The food was incredible and so was the wine.


I absolutely loved this city and I have to say this was my top favorite. I was so excited about coming to Beligium because I finally got to ride the infamous bullet trains in europe. From paris to Brussels, it took and hour and a half. The train was so quite and so comfortable( Name of the train I took, click >> Bullet Train ). Brussels is such an old city and I loved it. This is what I expected when i arrived in Europe. The history and the architecture of the buildings were incredible. We did another tour bus due to the little time we had and we were able to see all of the city. The food was AMAZING. Lets talk about these belgium waffles. I have never had such an incredible waffle like the one I had in Brussels. I am still dreaming about the day when I can go back to have more. I wish I had more time in Brussels because i feel it had so much more to offer.


A quick & cheap flight ($16 dollars to be exact thanks to Ryanair ) from Belgiuma and we were in Germany. Germany as well had been on my top list just because I took 4 years of German in high school! I absolutely love the history that Germany has to offer. We were able to see the Berlin wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg gate, and much more. It consisted of a lot of walking but it was so worth it because we really got to see Berlin. The highlight of my trip was going to an actual German Biergarten! Not only did we go to a biergarten, we went to the biggest on in all of Europe ( Link to the biergarten Biggest Biergarten In Europe ). Now that was a lucky find haha. The beers were huge, the sausage was amazing, and the music was great haha.


I fell in love with Poland. It was our final destination and also our longest stay. My best friends family lives in Poland so we wanted to make our way there to see them. First i must say that I ate like 981237 perogies on my first day. They taste nothing like they do in the US. I probably ate like 7823624 pounds of potatoes while i was there and gained weight because of the amount of food that my friends family was feeding us. The culture is amazing. I loved the language, the food, the people, and of course the VODKA.

For those of you who are curious on how a college student can afford a trip like this, it was an incredible cheap trip. The Airbnb's in Europe are so cheap so I recommend them over any hotel! (Airbnb)( I didn't spend more than $1500 on flights, trains, Uber, airbnb, and food. Flying in Europe is incredibly cheap thanks to airlines such as Ryanair and Easy jet. I was able to fly from Belgium to Germany and Germany to Poland for under $40 in total! I know it blew my mind too when i was planning this trip. If you're curious about my itinerary or tips on how to plan a Eurotrip, just send me a message and I'll be glad to help you out :)

Sadly, this is my last big trip of the summer because back to school and work I go. I'm finally starting my last year of college, so I'll be working my butt off for the next few months. As for more trips, I have a few small ones planned for the next few months! But make sure you stay tuned to read about where my next adventure is. Thanks for reading!