What It's Like Traveling In This Scary World

cdbecacb1acf16106287916c19fb7ae7 Happy Wednesday everyone! It's been about a month since I last posted and as I mentioned last time, I was 17 days away from my next adventure. Any guesses to where I went? Dominican Republic ! I went away for Memorial Day Weekend with my best friend to the beautiful island. It was a much needed and relaxing weekend in the sun and just enjoying being away. As much as I enjoyed my time away, I had a hard time with my anxiety and had my mind in a panic state. Why you may ask? Because I was traveling to a different country which led to me leaving my safe haven, which is home. Before traveling though, so many thoughts ran through my head.

I hate turning on the TV, going on Instagram or Facebook and seeing the newest terror attacks around the world. My heart aches every time I read how many were affected and sometime even killed during these horrible acts of terror. Families broken and thousands hurt and affected. It brings me to think how these attacks can happen anywhere and can happen to anyone. I freak out thinking about traveling to Europe or any other country because who knows what may happen. The attacks in London were scary because a week before I got to the UK, an attack happened right were I was going to stay. That would pretty much freak anyone out and maybe even cancel their trip for the fear of something happening again.

Do I stop traveling and sit at home like a hermit so nothing bad happens? Or do I continue to live my life and pray that where ever I go, God keeps me safe? What will you do? I have decided to continue my travels and continue to trust in God to keep me safe wherever I go. What's the point of living in fear? That isn't really called living is it? I will continue to live my life and cast away my anxiety and worries.

I hope you enjoyed this small post that I felt I needed to get out there. I have heard many people say there afraid of traveling, going on a plane, or being in a foreign country because of the evil that is out there. Guys, there is evil everywhere you go. I just advise everyone that wherever you are, keep alert and trust that God is with you!

I can't wait to write again in a few days and talk about my upcoming trip that is in exactly 6 weeks! It's probably the most exciting trip yet and definitely a major trip on my bucket list. I have two more trips after that and I am done with traveling for the summer. The last trip of the summer is on the top of my bucket list and I cant wait to share with you guys where I am going! How about you guys? Any cool trips planned that you want to share with me? Just comment down below!

Have a great rest of the week !