New Year, New Writing Goals

img_6231-1Hey everyone, happy Monday! I have been so MIA with blogging lately due to school and work ( I am hoping to get back into a routine!). I guess you can say Ive had writers block lately because my creative juices haven't been working. Everything I thought about writing, i would shoot down so quickly. Thankfully its a new year and a new chance to start some new writing goals. I am learning to write and not worry about what other will think. So you will see a lot more blogging soon!  I am so excited to start writing and updating you all about life, trips, and everything else.

Life update

I feel like a lot has changed since I last wrote in September. I was able to move out with my best friend. For those of you who know me, Ive have always wanted to move out with a friend. So when my friend asked me to move in with her, I didn't hesitate. It's so nice having your own space. I also love that i get to come home and talk about life and everything with my friend. I feel like I couldn't have moved in with anyone better. We get along so well and everything just flows which is what makes the friendship so genuine and awesome.

I am also graduating this year! I finish school in exactly 6 months and I couldn't be more excited. This has to be one of my biggest accomplishments. College has always been a struggle for me (i dropped out for a year and was lost on what to study). I guess you can say that i BS'ed the first two year at county college which was a total waste of time. I finally applied to a good school and started my studies in the fashion field. Grad school will most likely be next but I am just going flow with the flow and having God take control of everything. I am excited and nervous to graduate and finally do something I love.



Since I last blogged in September, I have traveled to San Francisco & Italy. I did a short weekend trip to San Francisco because we loved it so much when we went in May ( read about that trip here -> San Francisco May 2017 ). We got to explore of the beautiful city and we also got to hike Yosemite National park. As for Rome, i'll be doing a blog post about that trip pretty soon!

For the year 2018, I only have one trip planned so far. I have a few trips in mind but I guess we'll have to see. I am excited to get back to writing and talking about life and travels with you all.

I hope you guys stick around to see where I am headed next whether on a trip or just in life. So happy to be back writing! Until next time.