My Favorite day of the Week! 

 ITS FRIDAY!! Another long week has passed. Seriously it's my favorite day since it's a short work day for me and it's the beginning of an exciting weekend I have planned. But this is also the beginning of my vacation week (& it's a paid one!). Thank god because I could totally use a week off & that also means my mini road trip is almost here! Next week is so exciting and busy for me I can't wait! Anyone have anything exciting this weekend? Friday's for me always consist of work, gym(which I am not feeling today lol), finding last minute outfits for the weekend,and getting pampered! Lol it's mostly my chill nights before we go all out for Saturday or date night with Daniel.

What's so exciting about my weekend? My bestfriend since forever just turned 21! That means we're taking over meatpacking, Chelsea and most likely all of downtown(Manhattan that is) tomorrow night with all our friends! Hotel room and everything. So who knows where we'll end up tomorrow night but it's gonna be crazy.

Anyone know of good places around? I know a few but I always love hearing what cool bars people have been too that I haven't. We're probably checking out The DL(east village) and The Jane.

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend !