Starting Fresh.

Hey everyone ! So I already introduced myself exactly three years ago when i first decided i wanted to start blogging but for some reason i stopped. Strange right? Well let's starts again. For those who don't know me and somehow stumbled on my blog, my name is Marianna Bolaños. Born and raised in the beautiful state of New York. Now I'm a 21 year old girl, going to college, loving God, and just trying to enjoy life the best possible way i can. I'm studying Early Childhood Education(for now).....I've been flip flopping forever now. But hey I can't really decide lol. And guess what? IM STILL AT COMMUNITY COLLEGE! I know I know I should of finished two years ago but I'm been slacking.

Why don't I want to study right now? BECAUSE I WANNA TRAVEL! I rather be in the middle of Africa right now exploring different cultures and way of living than being in school. But my nannying & my a don't pay enough to live the life I wanna live. Bills on bills on bills. But one day I will.

What do I love to do? Shopping, reading, traveling, nightlife, hanging out with the love of my life, and GOD. Don't let me get started on clothing. I amthay person that will spend $200 on those jeans, or buys a new outfit for every new little event I have. No joking my friends and family hate me for it. Reading, my little getaway from my daily life. I read everything and I'll be posting info about the books I read.

God. For most who know me I'm a Sunday church goer, Wednesday night bible study kinda of girl. I love God. I grew up knowing him and still continue to follow him.

Family, Friends, & Boyfriend. My family is my life. Yes they are nuts, like really crazy but I can't picture my life without them. I love my friends. I have a lot of friends but only like 5  I trust with my life (yall know who you are). For most who know me know I've been in a relationship for the past 7 years(high school sweethearts I know). But Daniel is my best friend and soulmate.(I won't get all sappy be im saving relationship stuff for another post ☺️)

Well how do I end this first post? I hope I have you all a some sort of sense who I am and what I love. Theres so much more for me to say but i don't want to bore you on my first post. But I'm complicated as you will see hopefully in my future post. Hoped you liked what you read an stick around to see inside my exciting, boring and hard working life. Love yall.