Into The Woods We Went|MDW


Nothing is better than a long weekend away from the craziness of life. Plus what's better than a three day weekend? This weekend my boyfriend and I were able to get away from it all and stay up in the Adirondacks. We had been planning this for a while now but couldn't decide between the beach or mountains, i mean MDW is beach opening season haha. We finally decided to stay away from the beach crowds and spend some time in the wild. Whats better than a weekend away to reconnect with nature? The coolest part of the weekend was where we stayed. We rented a really great Yurt and stayed in the woods all weekend long. In order to get to the yurt you had to hike in first. We were so close to a waterfall which was awesome because you heard the water all night. I swear i got the best sleep of my life this weekend. We had no cell service up there which meant no texting, calls, social media, or anything. Just some good ole fashion quality time together.


We did an AMAZING hike called Indian Head. I had this hike on my list for about two years now but never have gotten the chance to go up there(plus the hike is 11 miles long and I knew that psychically i wouldn't be able to do it). I shocked myself when I completed this hike in 5 hours with no struggle at all. This was a major moment for me!

After our hike, we headed to Lake Placid for some well deserved dinner & dessert. Lake Placid is another town you must visit in New York! It was so cool seeing all the Winter Olympic ski jumps. I will definitely be back here to really enjoy what Lake Placid has to offer. We were so exhausted that after that we headed back to the yurt to rest up(we had only slept like 6 hours true night before due to the drive).


Sunday we allowed ourselves to sleep in a bit before heading out. We had breakfast in Saratoga Springs and saw the movie Solo (we are huge StarWars fan!). If you haven't watched it yet, i really recommend seeing it! Love seeing the back story of Han Solo.

Another amazing MDW has gone by! Summer is so close & June is an exciting month. I have some awesome trips coming up and i hope you tag along my adventures! I am finally 8 weeks away from finishing with college so I guess you can say this is an exciting summer!! Hope y'all enjoy the rest of your week!