It's Monday and I'm Back!

Hey there friends! Ahh its feels so good to be writing again. I honestly miss it when I take breaks. Writing for me is therapeutic and I honestly enjoy pouring my heart into my blog. I am so happy to be back and find my groove once again. Sometimes it's nice taking a break and rethink about what I want to write about and why I started in the first place. 

So much has happened since the last time I blogged! I went on an awesome trip with my best friend and sister to 3 new countries! It was incredible and i can’t wait to write about it. I made one year of living on my own. I booked a dream trip with the love of my life! So much exciting things!

New year, new writing topics and lesssons learned. I cant wait to continue to write new content for you guys on life, friendships, fashion, travel, new reads, and whatever else comes my way! 2019 is a big year for me and I cant wait for you guys to see why. So here’s to stepping out of my comfort zone once again and reentering the blogger world.

Happy Monday everyone!