Our Proposal Story!

Hey friends!!

Ahh this probably has to be my favorite blog post yet! WE ARE ENGAGED!! Daniel, aka the love of my life, has (FINALLY) asked me to marry him. It’s been such an exciting week and my emotions are just a roller coaster! I cry when i see the video again or even think about how amazing the day was and i am overjoyed when I think about how he caught me by surprise!

Let me start by saying i knew a proposal was coming soon, I mean we have been together for so many years but marriage and our future together has been talked about so much more the last few months. So I knew it was happening some time this year. I was also convinced it was happening during our trip that we are going on in a few days. He had dropped big hints and my sister was also filling me with lies haha. 

So the weekend it happened Daniel was in an especially good mood which I thought it was because of the fun/busy weekend we had planned. We talked about our weekend plans over dinner on Friday night and we decided that Sunday we would head into Dumbo, Brooklyn to take pictures for the blog and grab breakfast afterwards at one of our favorite places. My sister wanted to join us too! Nothing really out of the ordinary. 

Saturday came and we had a busy day (my sister hung out with us all day!). I had to go to the mall to buy an outfit for my Express Ambassador photo and my sister accompanied me. She helped me pick out a great outfit and we did other shopping as well. She had gotten me really ready. We had our nails done Friday and made sure my eyebrows were threaded as well. But it was nothing out of the ordinary because we always go to get our nails done together every two/three weeks. 

Sunday came and I woke up early, did my hair and makeup and went to pick up Dan & my sister. He was dressed up a bit but i didn’t really question it. We drove to Brooklyn and parked real close to the street with the Manhattan bridge view. We walked hand and hand down to where there was a few people already taking photos (major photo spot in Brooklyn!). We waited a bit for it to clear and when we finally had a good shot, he took pictures.... he actually took like 3 photos of me and than said maybe if I turn around he could grab a good one too. The blogger in me wanted a pic with me looking back haha. So I turned around and waited and waited and finally he said you can turn around. 

I turned around and Daniel had my phone & a Tiffany blue box opened with the most beautiful ring in the world. I don’t remember exactly what happened next but i couldn’t believe it! I didn’t believe people when they told me that you don’t remember what is being said at the moment. I mean it’s such an important time how could you not remember?! BUT when you see the love of your life on one knee asking you to marry you, so many emotions are running through you. I was shocked, excited, speechless and just completely WOW’ed. I’m pretty sure i said some type of yes haha. 

We hugged, we kissed and just took in a few minutes before he pointed to a photographer who he had hired! He had been there the whole time taking photos of us from start to finish! My sister had been recording the whole thing too! I couldn’t believe what was happening! I was laughing and crying, i don’t think my mind could fully understand what was happening at that moment. All i know is that I had a beautiful ring on and I was finally going to get to marry the love of my life!!!

We walked on the water front while the photographer took AMAZING photos of us! I mean honestly he is so talented. I loved EVERY single picture. I am beyond happy he had someone capture this moment!! This wasn’t even the best part yet! He had both of our families there waiting! We were taking photos and they all walked together holding balloons, flowers, and the most beautiful sign (thankful for my creative sister!). Of course i cried like a baby because it was so amazing being able to see them right after he proposed. So many hugs and kisses going around, I was so over joyed. 

Our day was still not over!! Dan had told me he had made reservations for brunch to celebrate with our whole family. We ate the most delicious food at Root and Bone in the east village! It was beyond amazing to spend time all together after the proposal. We took so many pics, ate way to much food, and had an amazing cake (also my sister who knows what I like). It still didn’t really hit me yet. It felt/feels like a dream! We headed home afterwards and my sister had the sweetest gift for me in my room. I mean she’s honestly the BEST!!! We took a much needed post brunch nap before heading to our last thing of the day.

My mom had made reservations for us at Chart House in Jersey City. It’s right on the water and has the most perfect skyline of NYC. The menu had even been customized to say “Congratulations To The Future Mr. & Mrs. De Oliveira”. It was such a beautiful dinner and I am so thankful to my mom for setting this up for us. 

So there you have it, out proposal story. Dan told me that it was always going to be in New York. He had told everyone that it was going to happen on a trip and yet he had secretly always planned to do it in my favorite place in the world, New York City. 

We are beyond thankful for all the love we have received in the last few days from all our friends and families! We are so excited for 2019 and the years to come. Time for some major wedding planning!!!