Summer is Over and Life is Calmer


Hey there!

Summer has officially come to an end (mixed emotions). I had such an exciting and busy summer traveling all around the US and just doing some cool things (more on that to come soon). It was one of the best summers ever because I got to hang out with family, friends, and just see new cities. Now that life is going back to normal, I am so excited to be back and getting into my writing once again. I mean I have an exciting few months coming up and I cant wait to share more about that.

I am here to talk about books, travel, life, loss, health, wedding, and everything else in between. I won’t say that Ill write three or more times a week. I’ve done that before and I just couldn’t keep up because how busy life gets. So just keep a look out, sign up for a newsletter, or follow me on Instagram to know when I post. Ill be doing travel recaps, life updates, and so much more. Let me know what you’d like to read about or see!