Why I Am Counting Down The Days Till Spring!


It's finally March! Does anyone else feel that the last few months (two months to be exact) went by so slowly? I am so excited for what this next season of life brings. I love Spring because of everything that it represents. I saw this quote that really stood out to and reminded me why I love spring so much. "Spring; A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be". I am so ready for the change that comes with beautiful season! Here are some of the amazing reasons why I am so ready for spring! IMG_2724

Warmer Weather Calls for outdoor activities!

I think this is my favorite part about spring because I can finally spend time outdoors having fun. I love hiking and bike riding which are two things that cant really be done in the winter on the East coast. I also love city nights in the spring! Any other New Yorker feel the same? Central park is so beautiful to bike ride during this amazing season! I am also hoping to do alot more camping this spring season! Any campers out there?

Start Of My Last Semester!

Oh the excitement! I am counting down the days till graduation. My college works a little different and we have a winter and spring semester (our winter semester is 15 weeks compared to other schools). In April, I will be starting my very last semester of my undergrad! I feel like I mention this in every blog post but I am so excited to graduate with my bachelors!

Goodbye Winter Clothing, Hello Dresses & Skirts!

I am all about spring fashion. It's warm enough to wear dresses and skirts and cool enough to still rock jeans and leather jackets as well. I am also happy for the bright colors that finally eat to wear after a dark and cool winter colors. I am already stocking up on jumpsuits, rompers, maxi dresses, sandals, and so much more (This could possibly lead to a new blog post series!).


Spring time means summer is around the corner! I cant wait to start getting some color on my pale skin and spending so much time outdoors. I am hoping that this spring season brings many trips as well (mostly weekend trips). My April trip is coming along together so well! I can't wait to tell you guys where I am going! Anyone have anything cool they do in the spring? Leave some comments down below! Hope you guys enjoy your first day of March and have an awesome weekend.