Why I Started Blogging!


This is one of the questions I get so often. "Why did you start blogging?"... I feel that we all have a story to tell! For those who don't know me that well, I have actually been writing for a few years but it started when I was in middle school. I have stories and stories that I have written but very few have seen (literally just my sister, boyfriend, and my good friend Aileen). All through high school as well I continued writing stories which were mostly romance and i would even just jot down poems (I'm a sucker for a good romance story). I've had this blog for 5 years now! My first blog post was really simple and I was only 18 years old (Read my very first post here First Blog Post). I guess you can say I started blogging to expand my writing. My big goal is to one day publish a book or possibly make a career out of it (if I could ever just finish writing one of my stories). I started blogging because I was inspired by other well known bloggers out there. I feel that I can best express myself through writing. Many who know me can agree with this! Whether it's writing letters or jotting down notes, it's the best way for me to get what's on my mind on paper. I wanted to be able to share my story and talk about life, love, and adventures.


Fast forward to 5 years later (almost 6) and I am writing like never before. I really enjoying putting together blog post and talking about whatever comes to mind. Sometimes it's really easy because things just flow but other times I guess you could say I have "writers block". I enjoying looking back at post and reading about my past travels or life crisis. Rereading my post has made me a better blogger. I am learning something new everyday either from my own site or just simply reading others blogs. I hope this post gave you a bit of an insight on why I love writing & why I do it! Don't forget to subscribe to my blog to get notified when I post :) Enjoy the weekend everyone!