Our love story ❤️

 This post was gonna happen sooner or later. Ahh love. A strange thing we all crave and need in life. Well for those reading this,  I am in a relationship with an amazing guy in so lucky to call my bestfriend. Guess how long we've been dating? 6 YEARS & A HALF! So here's the love story. I met Daniel my freshman year of high school(he was a junior). The first day of school(and im not exaggerating) I literally laid eyes on him and I was in love. Ask my friends lmao. I didn't even have he courage to talk with him. It was all connected through one good friend we both had. But sadly Daniel had a girlfriend at the time. So we stayed friends until a month and half later, he was single !! Finally lol so that's how it started. (first picture taken)  October was our first kiss (and really my FIRST KISS EVER). From late night calls and text to oovoo and aim conversations I fell in love. Like I really did. Than January he asked me to be his girlfriend. Now that's when the roller coaster started. Love it not easy let me tell you and especially our love. I fell so hard for this kid and ya know how it is, girls always fall harder than the guys. We had so many ups and downs it's crazy. Our first six months were tough. Really tough. But we survived and we healed and than came a year. And another tough but worth it year came along. I'm telling you our love is not easy.

Daniel and I are completely different people but what I lack he provides and vice versa. So you can see it's tough. But I can tell you, we've been through things that some people don't survive in relationships and we don't give up on each other. Our love is so crazy and we were crazy for each other that we can't picture life without each other. We've tried too believe me. We've broken up and it doesn't last bc we miss each other too much. Life just isn't the same if he's not in it. There's nothing out there worth losing this relationship for. I've seen what's out there, nothing compares to our bond, friendship, and love.

Which leads me to relationships. THEY ARE NOT PERFECT. For the ones who judge dan and I for our past or anyone's relationship, who are you to judge? Trust me I have friends who either judge me to my face or behind my back. That's fine. Believe me, my relationship isn't based on YOUR judgement or opinion. You don't phase me. I forget people feel better about themselves and their relationships by comparing there "perfect relationship" to others. Nothing in life is perfect but hey who wants a perfect relationship? As much as I hate fighting with him, it goes to show how much we really do care. If something bothers us, we just come out and say it. After a being together for so long, you learn how to approach each other and learn to fix things.

Is there a future for Dan & I? God willing, heck yes. He was put in my life for a reason and definitely not for a season. I believe that any obstacle that stands in our way we will get through it together. Relationships are not meant forgiving ip❤️ Love you Daniel ❤️