That New Fitness Lifestyle


I am a lover all junk food (I mean who isn't). You name it, I love it. I am also a sucker for anything sweet! Candy and chocolate are my weakness. Well at the beginning of this year I got some testing done for another health issue I had and it seems that my "health" needed a reality check. The foods I was eating was really affecting my body and A major organ. It took me a couple of days to realize what this meant. If I didn't start taking care of myself, I could really damage my body. I mean what 24 year old wants to give up sweets, carbs, fried food and beer? Well I didn't really have a choice here. It was the weekend of January 19th when I decided it was time to take back my health and really start taking care of myself. I first did research on my health issue and I realized that I had to cut out rice and bread, fried foods, sugar salt, alcohol, and red meat. Well there goes everything I eat about 95% of the time. I also had to start working out because of my weight which was also a factor for this health problem. The first few weeks were tough. Actually tough doesn't even begin to explain it. Cutting out carbs isn't as easy as it seems. I felt sluggish and tired for about 3 weeks and i felt that my body was detoxing from all those crappy foods I was so used to feeding it. After week 3, i started to notice that alot of those sugar and carb cravings were slowly going away . I also started incorporating the gym about 3 to 5 times a week. I could see the changes in my body and mood!


Im currently on week 7 of this new lifestyle change and I really do feel different, mentally and physically. I've stuck to veggies, meats, fruits, nuts, and some legumes. I am really learning to love all the veggies out there because to be honest, I only ate the most basic ones such as broccoli and string beans. I've learned to love Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes and many more veggies out there. It doesn't mean that I stopped eating the things I loved. I have incorporated healthier ingredients to things I like. There are so many Instagram food bloggers that have helped me create healthy treats (Rachel Mansfield & Inspiralized).

I have made it a goal of mine to avoid the scale because to be honest, the number on the scale doesn't mean anything to me. As long as I am feeling good and my health is getting back on track, thats all that matters. I can see it in my jeans and shirts fitting looser. The scale is my biggest enemy and I am seeing the results without worrying about the number on the scale.

I am making it a year of lifestyle changes and making sure my health gets back on track. I guess we don't really understand how important it is to take care of your body even at such a young age. I am thankful to my family, sister, roommate, and Dan for helping me through this process. It's not easy going to eat when your eating habits are a bit stricter! I hope this post has encouraged some of you to just simply start taking better care of our bodies, it's the only one we got! Happy thursday everyone & enjoy the weekend!