8 Top Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping!



Super exciting news i know! Honestly can’t believe I have found it so soon. I thought i would be super picky. Best part is i picked a style that I didn’t think would look on me!! Luckily i had found a bridal shop that had all the designers that i wanted so it made it super easy to look through all of them and try on dresses. I had gone in with a list of 12 dresses from 6 different designers that i had wanted to see! 

Advice for Brides:

  1. Research! Do your research and do a lot of it. I can’t tell you how many dresses I have screenshotted, pinned, and saved. I have been looking for months now (who doesn’t look at wedding dresses before their engaged?!). 

  2. Pick a few styles that you like. Ok this was a major one. I honestly had one style in mind because of my “body type”. I thought this style would look good on me especially that I read all those “wedding dresses for your body type” articles”. Well you wouldn’t believe how shocked I was when the style i didn’t think would look good actually looked THE BEST. 

  3. Go in with an open mind. Like i said above, the dresses we like may not always flatter our bodies the way we want. So try on different fits and styles and see what fits you best. 

  4. Go to different places. I went to two places that had the designers that i wanted. The second place was honestly the most beautiful bridal dress shop ever. They had all of the 10 designers that I had wanted to try on. Luckily the second place was the one where I picked my dress!

  5. Bring family & friends! The most important thing for me was having my sisters and mom & cousin there for me. They knew what looked best on me and i know they would give me their honest opinion. It’s always good to have the opinions of others! 

  6. Go with your gut. You hear many brides say that they wish they had gotten another dress or they were highly influenced by mom, mom in law, sisters, friends and so on. Pick the one YOU want and feel the most comfortable in. 

  7. Whats a budget?! When it comes to budget, i had a certain number in mind. HA! Yea about that number, totally went over but it’s fine, like my fiancé said it’s a special day and he wants me to have the dress i want! (He’s a keeper ❣️). You’ll be surprised to find how many similar styles you can find for an affordable price!

  8. Start Early! Oh man this can’t be any truer. The place i went to told me they re omens brides come 12 months and on because most dresses have to be made to size. So i was lucky to be there exactly 12 months. Most place only need 6 months or even 3 months but the earlier you start looking the more you can search and try on before you decide!

Any other future brides have a hard time keeping the dress a secret from their fiancé? UGH!! It’s so hard because I just want to show him haha. But i guess we will wait another 339 days. I won’t list the designer just yet but i can’t wait to get my dress in a few months!

I am so happy to be sharing this journey with you all. I’ll be blogging pretty much every step from bridesmaid to decorations to venue shopping. Any other tips i missed down below? Let me know!