My Bridesmaid “Proposal” Boxes!


Hey friends!!

I am so excited to be writing this blog post because i have finally asked my best girlfriends to be my BRIDESMAIDS! Last Wednesday I gathered up my closest friends for dinner and had a little suprise for each of them. I’m pretty sure they all knew once they saw each other haha but it was so nice having mostly everyone there. I had given my sister her maid of honor ‘proposal’ the day before because i wanted her to be the first person of course.

This is such an exciting season of life that you know i had to go all the way. I knew I wanted to do something special for my girls because being a bridesmaid can sometimes be stressful and expensive. Plus my girls mean the WORLD to me so I wanted to give them a little gift. I had been inspired  by all the bridesmaid proposals that i had seen on Pinterest so i started saving pins and getting ideas little by little. 


The Boxes

So the boxes were actually made by my fiancé! I swear he’s a man of all trades. He had purchased all the wood at Home Depot and had cut box joints into them so the side of the boxes would slip into each other! No nails just slid the pieces together, glued them, and clamped them up so they would straighten out.  We also sanded and stained each piece. Honestly the boxes are my fav part! 

I had the Endiy shop from Etsy create tumblers with each bridesmaids name on it, “will you help me tie the knot” hair ties, personalized cards, and tags for the wine can! I was so happy with EVERYTHING she created. Honestly though check her out ( Instagram @The.Endiy.Shop and Etsy The.Endiy.Shop ). She helped me decide on colors and even the items I wanted since I can be so indecisive sometimes.


To personalize it a little more, i added a photo of me with every bridesmaid in the box and i wrote them a letter with a card that asked “will you be my bridesmaid?”. I included a mint blue eos chapstick (had to get it because the color was too perfect) and a natural lavender bar soap from Whole Foods (linked here ). Last but not least i included a wine can from Ava Grace Vineyards. I fell in love with the print on the can so i had to get it for my girls. 

So there you have it! I told ya that i would keep you all updated on this wedding journey. I hope you loved the boxes as much as my girls and I did. Now it’s time to work on the groomsmen boxes! The wedding planning is finally in somewhat of a full swing! The bridesmaid have already picked most of their dresses and i can’t wait to share where we picked them from and the color as well. Hopefully the next blog post will be about our save the dates and how we tackled that.

I love being able to share this journey with you all. If there is anything you’d love to see about my wedding planning process or anything in general, let me know down below! I want to be able to help other future brides who have a million questions like I do and are trying to figure this whole bride thing out because lets be real, wedding planning can be confusing and stressful.

Happy Tuesday loves!


(The picture below is all my bridesmaid except for my roomie Beth and my younger sister who is my junior bridesmaid.)